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Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

What up fellas,

Sorry I'm a little late starting this thread up. I tried to give another person a chance to create this thread this year, but since no one else did I guess that leaves it up to me for another year which I don't mind.

I've also noticed that year in and year out, this thread kind of becomes a catch all for mycareer stuff where guys can get help about various issues, along with reading about the fantastic stories and record breaking careers (I'm looking at you sleepy lol), just as the community should.

So, for all you newbies out there, here we go.

New Archetypes and caps = new stories. Let's have some fun this year.

379 pages last game in that thread (down from the 579 pages for 2k16), let's see how many pages of comments we get to by the time this game is done.

Once again I made my 6'3 pure playmaking PG who went to Arizona State (my alma). Though he was highly touted coming out, he did not enter the NBA draft in order to pursue his dream of making music as a DJ. His friend B-Fresh supported him, but like a lot of us, life smacked him in the face causing him to have to leave the music alone.

Playing hard and well in a Jordan event got him not only on 2kTV with the FABULOUS Rachel, but also a look from the San Antonio Spurs. Kawhi was in the crowd talking to Ronnie2K and must have said something about his play for he was approached by a scout. Leave it to Pop and RC to find a diamond in the ruff who can replace Tony Parker and push Patty Mills.

After 18 games, he impressed so much that he finally became a starter. Though, living the life of an undrafted rookie, he has decided to save his money and only spend what he earns, not splurging on much. He still walks around in only the basic sweat pants, practice t-shirt from the spurs and free pair of Jordans he got from his showdown games.

He has to earn everything he gets. He wasn't born into a life of comfort like Steph or Grant Hill. So, he's slowly moving up the ladder, currently rated at a 65. But Pop is bringing him along slowly and all signs point to a long, fulfilling career.

Kawhi got injured early in the season and has missed the past 2- 4 weeks, with a recovery time remaining of 1-2 weeks. The spurs went 3-13 in his absence, but now that he's starting on HOF settings, they have won their last 4 straight. When Kawhi gets back, they're going to look to make a run. Even without Danny Green who must've decided to retire right before the season started.

Tell us your story (height, weight, college, etc) and

Let's Get It!
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Re: Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

I started a career with the Timberwolves as a shot creating playmaker, in the absence of Ricky Rubio. My guy is 6' 4", 190 from North Carolina. I started out kind of rough but am now averaging a triple double, scoring no fewer than 30 in my last 3 games on all star difficulty. KAT and Wiggins have been more fun to play with and feed the ball to than I initially thought they would be and we're currently 22-7, 3 games back of the mighty Warriors in the West. I initially was going for more of a Marbury build but the badges and attribute caps for the **** creating playmaker looked a little more balanced than shot creating slasher.

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Re: Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

My Name is DJ but my 2nd Name is Dimes and everybody know why.
As like Million of other DJ`s i was undrafted but I get the spot by the Bulls,which i am a fan of since i was i kid.
My Build is a PG Playmaker/Shotcreator I was blessed to win the lottery so i spend all the money for my attributes, animations, mycourt, clothes and shoes...so now im the starting PG with 87 overall.
Double Double Machine! stats so far after 21 games: 15:6 3nd in East 25,1Pts, 6,1 Reb, 10,8 As...
Im struggelin in the paint because i cant dunk(speed 90, dunk 75), i guess thats why it called white men cant jump.
but my mid-range jumpshot and ankle breakers are money. I earned 16 badgets but i dont have time to play so much because of work and family.
But hey god damn tomoroow is friday....
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Re: Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

I'm a 6'5'' Slashing shot creating SG, playing for the Knicks. We suck, we're like 7-15 but the east sucks too so we're like 11th lol. 64 overall still but Im slowly grinding to get my guy where he needs to be. I am finding it is easy to get to the rim or FT line in most games so I am starting to score more and more 20 pt games despite having horrible offensive ratings.

Why can't we just have a normal story without all of the annoying cringeworthy characters? The janitor, the security guard, the annoying asian lady that goes everywhere with you, and your MyPlayer has the most skeevy voice ever. I am fine with the premise of the story but not the execution.

So far the best MyCareer story has been 2k15. Other than that this year might be the worst.
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Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

Anyone else having a problem with CPU trades?? I'm on the Hornets I'm already a PG and we have Kemba of course and Micheal Carter WIlliams. The issue that comes into play though is the fact we've traded Marvin Williams and Dwight Howard for George Hill and matthew dellavedova we now have 6 roster spots taken by Pgs.
Mass communication/journalism Major

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Re: Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

Quick question in this mode: Does your coach adjust the lineup for the best talent? As in if I'm a SF for the Bucks, would they move me to SG to pair with Giannis or is it like last year where they would bring him off the bench?
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Re: Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

I tried a few builds for my SF and my final decision is my 6'8" 240lbs Two-way Sharpshooter (because that seemed to be the most balanced archetype) SF. I picked the Detroit Pistons as my team and just played 14 games until now. I didn't have any VC to bury and as I said on another thread, I didn't receive VC after some games so I am progressing slowly. My SF is currently 64 overall and because I can only play in the evenings I don't expect to reach the 85+ overall levels soon.

Things I like so far:
- No trainings to break cap barriers. I like being able to get new cap increases by playing games instead of trainings.
- No timeout or half-time talks by the assistant coach. Makes it faster to move on.

Things I don't like so far:
- VC grind and paying VC for every single tiny bit of things
- Bug with shoe endorsements (Receiving shoe endorsement offer from a different brand than I picked)
- Not seeing the increase for attribute upgrades
- Paying money for haircuts, beards, etc. and not seeing a preview for that stuff. (that's why I am still bald)
- Not seeing a preview for gears/accesories

That's it for now. I guess I will visit this thread as I progress.
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Re: Official NBA 2k18 MyCareer Thread

Follow my career guys please give me some feedback

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