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"BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

BuffEye Rosters NCAA 14

Xbox Dynasty Rosters

BuffEye Rosters are back, and back with the most complete roster for NCAA14 on the Xbox 360! This year we went about it a little different as we started our roster from scratch, but in doing some time we were able to go real in-depth for all you fellow NCAA fanatics! Gap Intergrity and I, along with the help of McNutted, Soonerfan14, and XxJustAguessxX, really put a couple months of blood, sweat, and tears into these for everyone, enjoy!

Roster Updates

We will release five roster updated throughout and after the college football season.
  1. September 20, 2013 is the official release.
  2. Last week of October will be a release with work on ratings, injuries, depth charts, and major equipment work.
  3. 1st week of December will be a release with work on ratings, equipment to reflect end of season changes or break out players.
  4. After the bowl games to give a final top 25 to reflect real life top 25, ratings, and equipment.
  5. Before the NFL draft to have two separate files, one with every player leaving early being listed as SR(rs).

Dynasty Progression Ratings

Like last year, we took EA's dynasty progression into account when rating players. You will see lower classmen rated lower so they can progress throughout your dynasties. You will also see some very high rated players to follow what you will see from the CPU created players in a dynasty. Our goal was to build a roster with a seamless transition in dynasty play.

We also took the liberty to re-rate every teams prestige rating to directly follow their recruiting trend the past three years. Since prestige directly impacts your ability to recruit in game, it made sense to change some ratings around to better reflect National Signing Day in February!

A Better Looking Game

With some amazing body edits, equipment, and a little love, these rosters really do make the game look better. As of now, we have random players with body edits, but are continuing the hard work of making the body edits throughout the entire roster. We also will focus on equipment with the next couple of updates to help the game reflect what we all see on Saturdays.

In doing so, you will see a some players weights not what is listed on their team sites, the reasoning behind this is to avoid the small/big head look the game gives players of a certain height/weight. Also, you will see the HB's have skinny arms, as this is an issue with the game and as of now there is nothing we can do about it.

Community Feedback

We are not a community roster, but that does not stop us from listening to the community and their questions, comments and concerns. The only thing we ask is be respectful to each other so no one gets banned, and more importantly, so the thread does not get off task. Remember, you can always edit the roster to your own liking for your dynasties!

When suggesting a player to be replaced, please give us the information of the player you feel should be added to the game.

Replace with

SO(rs) QB #7 John Doe
6'1 210 Pocket Passer
Greeley, Colorado
Light skinned w/ dark hair

If a teams depth chart needs work, link us to a correct depth chart to follow and avoid saying things like "team so-and-so need work" but not giving us information to go on. By doing this we can go post by post and make the adjustments without having to dig through Google and team sites to find players. It really helps speed up the process and will allow us to get the full file out as soon as possible. This is just the first release, so there will be misses and that is where we count on you guys and your feedback about your favorite teams to help us get the information to make the changes for the next release. Thank you again!

Where Is The File?

The rosters will always be found under the gamertag BuffEye Rosters, and you can follow progress through our Twitter account as well! Enjoy and thank you again fellow OS'ers!

The final release for the 2013 season is now up and ready to be downloaded. It is located under these gamertags...

Xbox: BuffEye Rosters

PS3: BuffEyeRosters
BuffEye Rosters available on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The most in-depth roster for NCAA 14 and beyond.

Xbox 360: BuffEye Rosters
PS3: BuffEyeRosters

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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

As of right now we feel pretty good about the roster. Most of the duplicate #'s are done, the ones we missed will come in the next update. Our plan now is to take in corrections from you all, and hit equipment hard. Enjoy!
A few things:
All players have correct HT/WT/skin/hometowns etc.
We did global equipment edits to certain positions and did body edits to make the players look better.
We have re-rated pretty much every player like we did last year, it truly makes a huge difference in gameplay and simulation IMO.

Please feel free to post all your corrections. Cparrish will post the timeframe for our updates. No week to week stuff like last year.

As always we will be active here in the thread making corrections and and keeping you all in the know. Please be respectful to one another.... I don't want to see anyone get banned this year.

I would like to thank a few guys: xjustxaxguessx was a huge help in the closing weeks. Without his help you all would have been waiting longer for this. McNutted, our global edit whiz who does a lot to put the finishing touches on the roster. And Soonerfan14 for keeping up with twitter and updates....I am too old for the twitters. We look forward to knocking out your corrections.
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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

TBRS!!! Great job fellas!
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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

Miami Hurricanes Duplicates To Be Done:

RG A. Gall is number 67
RE D. Gilbert is number 11
MLB J. Grace is number 5
CB A. Burns is number 1
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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

Great job on the FSU roster glad to see you got my changes in. Only see 2 changes and this would be the best FSU roster hands down.

Levonte "Kermit" Whitfield change to #7 his number switched with Karlos Williams moving to offense.

Move RG Sterling Lovelady to C

Would yall lilke updates on Heights and weights havent really looked into them and also what about equipment havent looked into that either.

Thanks for the great roster the wait was well worth it.
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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

Excellent job on CU's roster! I looked through it and it looks great. Equipment, ratings everything looks really good! I did see some things that needed some fixing.

There are some key players missing from the Buff's roster
the players to be exact are: RB Malcolm Creer, QB Stevie Joe Doorman, WR Keenan Canty and CB Chidobe Awuzie are all missing and are key to CU's roster. Especially, Awuzie

Other than that there some # changes that need to be fixed
QB Sefo Liufau is #13 instead of #12, he is duplicate with Saftey Parker Orms

But other than those some-what small things..... These rosters look fantastic! Once again, I cant say it enough but we really appreciate all the hard work you guys have done to put these rosters together, we understand that this process takes a lot of time and we are willing to wait for the best product possible to come out. By far the best roster, in my opinion, on this site. Thank you guys so much!
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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters


Can you share a bit about your ratings philosophy and how (or if) we can contribute to player ratings?

For examples:

1. What does 92 speed mean in your roster? 4.4 40, observed game speed, etc?

2. Does a 91 rating in awareness mean that they're one of the smartest in the country, or just a starter-level on a top-25 team?

And what is the best way to make ratings suggestions? Do you prefer specific numbers (+5 SPD), or give general statements (speed guy, fastest on team)?

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Re: "BuffEye Rosters" NCAA14 Xbox Dynasty Rosters

FSU Seminoles Duplicates and number changes

WR L. Whitfield is number 7
LG I. Denson is number 55
LOLB U. Eligwe is number 52
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