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Jack English Draft Paths

I'm simulating each draft path so I can see what good players go where. Once I'm unable to continue a career I'll upload the results of that Draft path. I'm currently on year 13 of the English path. So I'll upload results of all English drafts once I'm done. You can post questions about players if you want more information.
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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

That will help a little bit, but then again it will depend on how certain teams do and what needs they have going into the drafts... But now on the other hand that can give some people an idea where players may go in the draft...

Can't wait to see the finished product...
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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

Here is a list of every draft in the Jack English Draft Path. I'm gonna begin by summarizing who the headline players in each draft are. Some of these players boom while others bust. Then After that I breakdown the drafts with short summaries I'll list any prospects with a potential of 85 or higher in each draft. By posting info on that draft in a separate post. That way my posts aren't too long. The info on each draft will contain prospects that have a potential of 85 or higher and a simulation of the first round on the draft I did.

2009 Jack English Draft
The Jack English Draft has 10 of the future 50 players in it. Plus there are 5 quarterbacks drafted in round 1. Jack English QB Stanford, Dane Morrow QB Penn State, Kelly James QB Miami FL, Biff Below QB Florida, and Thurman Parrish sometimes random generated name quarterback UCLA. Plus there are a ton of sleepers in this draft including Jake Scott QB Texas State, Leron James RB Northern Arizona, Casey Barone FB SMU, Jamarion Bellows WR Grand Valley State, Drew Goldman TE Delaware, Patrick Boma RG Northern Oklahoma State, Patrick Lopez DT Tennessee, and Prince Justin FS South Carolina. This is the draft in the game that can turn an 0-16 team into a Super Bowl Contender. The one middle linebacker who stands out in this draft is Mack Jackson MLB New Mexico. Cornerbacks who go in the first round are Rakeem Jordan CB Oklahoma and Juran Riley CB Texas. Raveon Hines LE Michigan and Jackson Hailes RE Iowa State battle to be the #1 defensive end drafted while Alain Dixon DT Miami has already established himself as the top defensive tackle. SEC Players that stand out include Javon Jackson LT Florida DJ Crosby WR Georgia, Torrian Watts LOLB Alabama, Devin Mayo ROLB Ole Miss. Will Barkley SS Florida is the only standout at strong safety in this draft so if you need a safety take Barkley unless you want to wait for JJ Collins or Egypt Jones. Don't feel like taking James later try drafting Joey Keller early and see what happens. Don't believe me take an 0-16 team and rebuild that team with these players and draft picks.

2010 Flash Gorden Draft
This draft is headlined by LSU wide receiver Flash Gorden. Besides Gorden you also got his LSU teamate Eli McKinley another first round prospect. His name can be random generated. Plus in the Flash Gorden draft there is a remake of the Peyton Manning Ryan Leaf scenario with Cooper Reno QB UNLV and Rob Lane QB Washington. Besides Reno and Lane the other first round quarterbacks include Matt Jamison QB Boston College and Darius Pryor QB Texas. The Flash Gorden draft has two left tackles battling for the right to be the top left tackle taken in Selvin Langford LT USC and Julian Davis LT Michigan. Pac 10 defensive tackles Riko Kemp and Devin Gilbert battle for the right to be the first defensive tackle in the Flash Gorden draft. The top defensive end in this draft has to be Xavier Cox AKA the X factor. The standout strong safety in this draft is JJ Collins SS Notre Dame. The top 3 linebackers are as followed Demeco Boldin LOLB Colorado, Dexter Foley MLB LSU, and Wendell Tarver ROLB Mississppi State. The best corner in this draft is hands down Corey Taylor CB Ohio State. At one point Reggie Vick RB Miami FL was the Heisman favorite. Sleepers include Jacob Green QB Boston College who served as a backup to Matt Jamison, JR Meyers FB California, Jamelle Lucas WR Miami OH, Karron Cousins TE Prarie View A/M, and Ron Brown C Northwestern, and Domisa Bomani ROLB San Jose State.

2011 Quincy Simms Draft
Quincy Simms DT Miami FL is the best DT to ever come out of college according to draft pundits. Besides this is a weak DT class after Simms. The only 3 players with a realistic shot of being drafted ahead of him are Ryan Luck QB Notre Dame, Corey Nero RB Oregon, and Dan Zareb LT Tennessee. After that the best player in the draft is Jordan Taylor QB South Carolina. Wide Receivers TJ Dailey WR Stanford and Nate Jameel WR Virginia compete to be the top receiver drafted. One tight end to watch is Storm Stewart TE Rutgers. If your looking for a left tackle and can't land Zareb try Matt McCracken LT North Carolina State. Need secondary help look no further than Daron Knight CB Lousiville, Egypt Jones SS Washington, and Justin Bowers FS Miami FL who are all the top prospects at their respective postions on secondary. SEC Standout guards include Tobi Crisp LG Alabama and Rob Shoemate RG Kentucky. Sleepers include Quesean Mack WR U Mass, Peter Boma RG Northern Oklahoma State, and an Ohio State CB compared to Charles Woodson name is random generated.

2012 Tack Adams Draft
This draft is headlined by Tack Adams MLB Clemson a once in a generation middle linebacker. He's the best middle linebacker in the game after future 50 players Mack Jackson MLB New Mexico and Vince McGrady MLB Alabama. After that you got LSU runningback Luke Jones. This draft also includes Pac 10 quarterbacks Marcus Morris QB UCLA and Shawn Bagley QB USC. This draft also features two big 10 outside linebackers in left outside linebacker Jeremy Horne LOLB Michigan State and right outside linebacker Josh Bench ROLB Penn State. The player on secondary to watch is Jamie Nelson SS Boise State. Defensive Tackle Martellus Battle and Earl Whitaker battle to be the top defensive tackle chosen.

2013 Guy Richart Draft
This draft is headlined by two quarterbacks coming out of the state of florida. Guy Richart QB Florida and Jake Price QB Florida State. The draft is mainly headlined by Richard, but Price is just as good. Other SEC prospects to watch besides Richart include Jamil Trese RB Ole Miss and Dashonte Armwood LT Auburn. The two defensive tackles to watch are also SEC ball players. Alvin Monroe and Ben Harper will battle for the right to be the top selection. Sam Simmons is the linebacker you want to get if you failed to win the Tack Adams sweepstakes last season. The corner receiving the most hype in this draft is Daven Lane CB Kansas. Another strong player on secondary is Roshan Thomas FS Bowling Green. One guard who's punched a ticket into round one is right guard TJ Bender. Sleepers include Will Kirby TE Indiana, Corey Judge MLB Purdue, and Ralph Bender CB Butler

2014 Ace Garrison Draft
This draft is headlined by Ace Garrison QB Texas. Other players that headline this draft include the UCLA Sugar and Spice runningback tandem which you could compare to the Reggie Bush Lendale White tandem or the Darren McFadden Felix Jones tandem. Scooter "Spice" Chapman and Tank "Sugar" Lockwood. The other runningback to watch after Sugar and Spice is Markus Brooks RB Auburn. There are two players to watch from who played college in Colorado. Adrian Grant LT Colorado State and Dan Scott LE Colorado are the two players to keep your eyes on. The other left tackle to watch is Clay Macfarland LT Georgia. Twan McKinley DT Miami FL will attempt to follow in the footsteps of former hurricane defensive tackles in Alain Dixon and Quincy Sims. There are two secondary players to watch from Georgia. Ronald Chambers CB Georgia Tech and Brock Williams FS Georgia.

2015 Kaven Duncan Draft
This draft is headlined by Kaven Duncan QB Nevada. The runningack to watch in this draft is Cashmere Scott RB Virginia. This class is deep at wide receiver with Harold Green WR Auburn, Devock Riley WR USC, Natrick Jackson WR Nevada, Dave Rooney WR Arizona State, and Torrey Gilbert WR Texas A/M. There is one tight end who you can find late in round one. Deandre Mann TE UAB is thee best tight end available here. There are two offensive lineman who play in the big 12 south that play on the right side. Those lineman are Ty Barney RG Oklahoma State and Michael Foster RT Texas. The top 3 ends who received the most hype at defensive end are Rod Jenkins LE Auburn who has proved he should be the top left end taken in this draft. The two right ends trying to prove something are Danny Brewster RE Colorado who played alongside Dan Scott LE Colorado and Levon Kramer RE California. The final headline about this draft is who will be the first right outside linebacker drafted. It's a twho horse rase between Troy Watkins ROLB USC and Quincy Brown ROLB Texas Tech.

2016 Demetrius Covington Draft
This draft centers around Demetrius Covington LE Wisconsin. Another Badger getting hype is Donyell Robinson the Heisman Contending runningback. The standout left tackle this year. is Kurt Ramsey LT Oregon. Another fun lineman to watch will be Arby Gonzalez LG Miami FL. The standout linebacker is Clay Fletcher ROLB SMU. Three players who standout on secondary are Jacory Greer CB Tennessee, Durell Ratliff FS Texas, and Curtis Meeks SS Syracuse. The sleeper in this draft is Jaylon Rodriquez LOLB Texas.

2017 Dante Griffey Draft
This is the first year the BCS decides to go to a playoff in the Jack English Draft Path. Dante Griffey wins the Heisman trophy and guides the Longhorns to a national title in the first BCS 8 team playoff system. This makes Dante Griffey RB Texas the one standout runningback that scouts are raving over. You think Griffey is the face of the big 12 think again. Tony Palmer LT Texas A/M has the best chance to challenge Griffey for the top pick in this draft. Two big 10 defensive ends are the headlines on defense. Look for Tyrus Durden LE Penn State and Jamoris Jackson RE Illinois as early picks in April's draft. There are two quarterbacks worth drafting in round 1. Jordan Starks QB Ohio State and Mookie Dawson QB Wake Forest. Other runningbacks that standout besides Griffey are Junior Bost RB Washington, John Ferguson RB LSU, J Covan Doleman RB Boston College, and Nick Bishop RB Georgia. Wide Receivers that could go in round 1 include Rick Jordan WR Houston, Corey Dudley WR UCLA, Eddie Randle WR Missouri, Torrin Acy WR UNLV, Quincy Wilson WR Texas Tech, Phil Wofford WR North Carolina State, and Jared Peterson WR UNLV. Another Left Tackle that could challenge Tony Palmer is Felix Daniels LT Indiana. Two right tackles that are challenging each other for the right to be the first right tackle selected are Austin McCollum RT UNLV and Jerry Lofton RT Pittsburgh. Nick Allen ROLB Oregon is the standout outside linebacker in this draft. Jermaine Cofee CB Washington is the standout shutdown corner in this draft. Sleepers include DeQuan Shelley QB Colorado, Jade Wells RB Duquense, Andrew Clark WR Iowa, Jarredd Duvall WR Abaline Christiansen, Daine Barton WR Wayne State, Kris Kramamer WR Fordham, and Rob Moody WR Kent State.

2018 Kyren Burns Draft
This draft centers around two Pac 10 runningbacks Kyren Burns and Willie Stewart who are the top 2 players heading into the draft. Oregon beat Ohio State in the playoff to win the title as Stewart was named MVP, but Burns won the Heisman which convinced the critics that Burns and Stewart are both franchise runningbacks heading into the NFL Draft. The top two left ends battling for the right to be selected first are Stacey Branch LE Maryland and Darius Geathers LE Arizona. The two right ends battling for the top spot include Jaime O Neal RE Northwestern and Deron Finley RE Arizona. There are two defensive tackles fighting to be the top tackle taken. Donald Hogan DT Ole Miss and Manuel Roberts DT Minnesota know both have what it takes to be an elite defensive tackle. Middle Linebacker Kel Reed of Georgia Tech has managed to set himself apart. Two right outside linebackers competing for the top spot at right outside linebacker are Devin Babbit ROLB Utah and Deshawn Boxer ROLB North Texas. The two shutdown corners to watch are Tawaun Collins CB Ohio State and Bryson Phillips CB Georgia. Samardo Walker FS Virginia is hands down the best safety prospect in this draft. Sleepers include Tony Silva DT Utah, Wesley Kingston MLB Colorado, and Dustin Lawson MLB Idaho.

2019 Brice Hill Draft
This draft revolves around Brice Hill LT Nebraska. Quarterbacks Bryan Rudolph QB USC and Tyler Parker QB Alabama are neck and neck as far as who the first quarterback should be is. Clemson runningback Peter Nixon stands out in this draft and might be the best player in the draft next to Hill. Nixon got the Heisman and guided Clemson to a National Championship. Nick Clement C Arizona. Two right guards trying to position themselves as the top right guard in the draft are Ken Summers RG Missouri and Will Harrison RG Ohio State. The best right tackle in the draft is Tarik Samuel RT Clemson who opened lanes for RB Peter Nixon. Left End Jonathan Bennett has seperated himself among defensive ends. Grant McMillan DT Nebraska is the only standout DT in this draft. There's a three way race to see who the first left outside linebacker is. Leonard Douglas LOLB Clemson, Nick Stein LOLB Minnesota, and Devonta Johnson LOLB Kansas. Tarik Tisdale MLB Pittsburgh is a good middle linebacker prospect who has the potential to be something special. There are two right outside linebackers from the state of Tennessee trying to win this spot. Marcus Snider ROLB Memphis and Al Tucker ROLB Tennessee are the top right outside linebackers. The two corners that standout are Lucky Townsend CB Notre Dame and Cameron Joseph CB UCLA. There are two free safeties that stand out Derrick Castle FS Ole Miss and Adam Collins FS Louisiana Tech.

2020 John Adams Draft
Three of the top 4 players on the board are left tackles with John Adams LT Boston College, Tay Freeborg LT Minnesota, and Corey Foster LT Vanderbilt are the only players that standout in this weak draft. Strong safety Dennis Erickson is another good player.

2021 John Cameron Draft
For the 3rd year in a row this draft is headlined by a left tackle. John Cameron LT South Florida is the one player to watch in this draft. Another player that could challenge him at left tackle is Kyle Lankster LT Ohio State. This draft is loaded at cornerback with Peter McDonald CB Boston College, Star Campbell CB Alabama, Drew Jackson CB LSU, and Ricardo Burns CB Auburn. South Florida has a strong safety named Evan Caldwell.

2022 Tyson Dixon Draft
Tyson Dixon ROLB Florida is the ultimate pass rusher and run stopper. He is capable of being drafted #1 overall, but is #16 on the draft board and usually falls to #20. Danny Haynes RB Maryland is the one runningback worth drafting. Haynes won the Heisman, National Title in an 8 team playoff and is the #1 player on the big board. The last player to do that was Dante Griffey RB Texas. More standout players that are top 5 talents include Jason Danks LT Syracuse, Jordan Henry TE Kenucky, and Wally Emanuel LT Southern Miss. Plus this draft features three elite wide receivers. Terrell Burnett WR Washington, Wally Mingo WR Louisville, and Duane Fischer WR Virginia Tech. One standout corner is Tyresse Morris CB Nevada.

Those are the summaries for each draft in the English path. The game made me retire after that. I'll post updates for each draft path as far as what players are sleepers and how a first round draft resulted so you get a better idea of each draft path. Players that are underlined will be superstars and players in bold are busts. So that's something I'll use with players being drafted in the first round if that helps. Good luck and I hope some of this has helped. If not I'm thinking about starting adding info with each draft starting with the English path.

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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

Btw, it should be the Xavier Cox path, not the Flash Gorden path IMO. But I will be looking to this in the future, thanks!
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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

Great stuff.... thanks for the information. I'll be working on the Kaven Duncan draft this afternoon, so it's nice to be able to compare my pre-draft board with another person's results. Thanks again.
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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

Here's the Jack English Draft
Players with potential of 90 or higher
Quarterbacks Jack English QB Stanford, Dane Morrow QB Penn State, Kelly James QB Miami FL, Jake Scott QB Texas State, and Georgia Southern QB
Runningbacks Leron James RB Northern Arizona and Georgia Southern RB
Fullback Casey Barone FB SMU
Wide Receivers DJ Crosby WR Georgia, EJ Hayden WR Florida, Michigan WR compared to Reggie Wayne, Kansas WR, Oklahoma State WR compared to Terry Glenn, Georgia Tech WR compared to Jerio Cotchery, Miami FL WR, and Jamarrion Bellows WR Grand Valley State
Tight Ends Drew Goldman TE Delaware and Delaware State TE
Left Tackle Javon Jackson LT Florida
Left Guard Sleepy Bost LG North Carolina State
Center Northwestern C
Right Guard Patrick Boma RG Northern Oklahoma State
Left Ends Raveon Hines LE Michigan, Derrick Holliday LE Oregon, LSU LE compared to Kyle Vaden Bosch, and Missouri Valley State LE
Right End Jackson Hailes RE Iowa State
Defensive Tackle Alain Dixon DT Miami FL, Patrick Lopez DT Tennessee, Miami FL DT, and Louisville DT
Left Outside Linebacker Torrian Watts LOLB Alabama and Dexter Knox LOLB Northern Alabama
Middle Linebacker Mack Jackson MLB New Mexico, Alonzi Simms MLB Michigan State, and VMI MLB
Right Outside Linebacker Devin Mayo ROLB Ole Miss, Rashonti Traylor ROLB LSU, and Jared Powell ROLB Buffalo
Cornerback Juran Riley CB Texas
Free Safeties Jade Wilkerson FS Oregon State and Prince Justin FS South Carolina
Strong Safety Will Barkley SS Florida

2009 Jack English Draft results first round Warning before I start I want to say that draft results aren't always the same and some results may vary. Underlined players are superstars and bold players are busts. Some names are random generated, but college and position of the player should tell you if the player is the same.

1. Chicago Bears Jack English QB Stanford
2. New York Jets Joey Keller RB Illinois
3. Washington Redskins Alain Dixon DT Miami FL
4. Carolina Panthers Rakeem Jordan CB Oklahoma
5. Washington Redskins Jackson Hailes RE Iowa State he will bust if he is injured, but when healthy one of the best in the game.
6. Miami Dolphins Raveon Hines LE Michigan
7. Oakland Raiders Austin Nichols RB Ohio State
8. Pittsburgh Steelers Peter Gilchrist RE Ohio State
9. Houston Texans Javon Jackson LT Florida
10. Atlanta Falcons Devin Mayo ROLB Ole Miss
11. Buffalo Bills Derrick Holliday LE Oregon
12. Arizona Cardinals Mack Jackson MLB New Mexico
13. San Francisco 49ers Brock Cane TE Washington State
14. Minnesota Vikings Aric Wilkerson LE Wake Forest
15. Green Bay Packers DJ Crosby WR Georgia
16. Cleveland Browns Mack Jennings RB Florida State
17. Denver Broncos Ralph Mays DT Missouri
18. San Diego Chargers Renardo Tillman DT USC
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Juran Riley CB Texas
20. Dallas Cowboys Ken Webb FS Iowa
21. Detroit Lions Thurmond Parrish QB UCLA
22. Arizona Cardinals Kelly James QB Miami FL
23. New Orleans Saints Bradley Brailey WR Michigan
24. Jacksonville Jaguars Devin Philmore LT Houston
25. St. Louis Rams Will Barkley SS Florida
26. New England Patriots Tristian Kennedy RB Colorado
27. Philadelphia Eagles Biff Bilow QB Florida
28. Indianapolis Colts Peter Hubbard CB USC
29. Cincinnati Bengals Mark Jones RB Washington State
30. Detroit Lions Devin Jones MLB Ohio State
31. New York Giants Beni Watts WR Kansas
32. Tennessee Titans EJ Hayden WR Florida

17 of the 32 players in round 1 pan out and that's 18 if you count Dane Morrow.

Dane Morrow QB Penn State usually goes in round 1 so take him if you need a quarterback. Morrow plays until the year before you retire as a head coach so that's a good thing. This is what I'll be doing with future classes hope it helps.

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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

Flash Gorden Draft
Quarterbacks Cooper Reno QB UNLV, Darius Pryor QB Texas, Jacob Green QB Boston College, and Georgia Southern QB
Runningbacks Lamar Benson RB Connecticut
Fullback JR Meyers FB California
Wide Receivers Flash Gorden WR LSU, Eli McKinley WR LSU, Dequan Nelson WR Miami FL, Jemelle Lucas WR, Brandon McCamey WR UNLV, Brian Williams WR Arkansas, KC Garfield WR Florida State, Bryant Patten WR Nebraska, Ralph Lang WR Stanford, and Matt Shoemate WR Nebraska.
Tight Ends Zachary Jones TE Illinois, Karron Cousins TE Prarie View A/M, and Delaware State TE
Left Tackles Selvin Langford LT USC, Julian Davis LT Michigan, and Tulane LT compared to Walter Jones
Left Guard Trae Harris LG North Carolina State, Rog Cox LG Georgia, and San Diego State LG compared to Justin Blaylock
Centers Ron Brown C Northwestern and Purdue C compared to Matt Birk
Right Guard Ohio RG compared to Kendall Simmons
Right Tackle Rutgers RT compared to Willie Anderson and Califorinia RT compared to Sean Locklear
Left End Xavier Cox LE Florida
Defensive Tackles Devin Gilbert DT USC and Riko Kemp DT UCLA
Left Outside Linebackers Demeco Boldin LOLB Colorado, Tarik Logan LOLB Kansas State, Notre Dame LOLB compared to cato June, and Syracuse LOLB compared to Terrell Suggs
Middle Linebackers Dexter Foley MLB LSU, Kevin Wilkes MLB Kansas, and VMI MLB
Right Outside Linebackers Wendell Tarver ROLB Mississippi State and Domisa Bomani ROLB San Jose State
Cornerbacks Corey Taylor CB Ohio State
Strong Safety JJ Collins SS Notre Dame

2010 Flash Gorden Draft first round results Here's my tip if you look at a teams draft history it will indicate whether they draft well in NFL head coach 2009. Once again busts are bolded and superstars are underlined enjoy.

1. Detroit Lions Rob Lane QB Washington
2. St. Louis Rams Selvin Langford LT USC
3. Atlanta Falcons Cooper Reno QB UNLV
4. Baltimore Ravens Xavier Cox LE Florida
5. Carolina Panthers Reggie Vick RB Miami FL
6. Kansas City Chiefs Riko Kemp DT UCLA
7. Miami Dolphins Devin Gilbert DT USC
8. Denver Broncos Julian Davis LT Michigan
9. Pittsburgh Steelers Noah Jevine RB West Virginia
10. New York Jets Chris Lacey CB Arizona
11. New Orleans Saints Corey Taylor CB Ohio State
12. Oakland Raiders Flash Gorden WR LSU
13. Buffalo Bills Matt Jamison QB Boston College
14. Washington Redskins Antoine Dockett RE Florida State
15. Houston Texans Kemba Haynes RB Maryland
16. Cleveland Browns Cody Adams CB Florida State
17. Tennessee Titans Eli McKinley WR LSU
18. San Francisco 49ers Angelo Brown CB Nebraska
19. Minnesota Vikings DeMeco Bolin LOLB Colorado
20. Green Bay Packers Markeif Brown FS Nebraska
21. San Diego Chargers Jevon Gainer CB South Florida
22. Seattle Seahawks Ari Olsen LE Wake Forest
23. New England Patriots JJ Collins SS Notre Dame
24. New York Giants Todd Jacobs RB Boise State
25. Dallas Cowboys Zach Starr WR Michigan
26. Philadelphia Eagles Darius Pryor QB Texas
27. Cincinnati Bengals Dexter Foley MLB LSU
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wendell Tarver ROLB Mississippi State
29. Minnesota Vikings Zach Jones TE Illinois
30. Chicago Bears Edward Griffey RE Washington State
31. Jacksonville Jaguars JR Rhodes WR North Carolina State
32. Kansas City Chiefs Anthony Granton RT Rutgers

16 of the 32 players pan out in round 1

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Re: Jack English Draft Paths

Quincy Simms Draft
Quarterbacks Ryan Luck (about Luck his three biggest strengths are elite arm strength, cannon arm, and deep accuracy. Unless your using Luck in a strong arm qb/tools philosophy for your quarterback philosophy there is a good chance luck busts.) Jordan Taylor QB South Carolina, USC QB compared to Kyle Orton, Ball State QB compared to Matt Hasselbeck, and Georgia Southern QB
Runningbacks Corey Nero RB Oregon and Star Garrett RB Nevada
Wide Receivers Nate Jameel WR Virginia, and Quesean Mack WR U Mass
Tight Ends Storm Stewart TE Rutgers, EJ Dillon TE Notre Dame, and Delaware State TE
Left Tackles Dan Zareb LT Tennessee, Matt McKracken LT NC State, Derrick Harvey LT Mississippi State, and Tim Givens LT Ohio State
Left Guard Tobi Crisp LG Alabama
Center Jamoris Sampson C Minnesota and Sidney Cave C Cansius
Right Guards Rob Shoemate RG Kentucky and Peter Boma RG Northern Oklahoma State
Right Tackle Ron Sanderson RT Maryland and Tennessee RT compared to Sean Locklear
Left Ends Luther Summers LE Florida and Connecticut LE compared to Aaron Kampman
Right End Jamison Miller RE Florida State
Defensive Tackle Quincy Simms DT Miami FL
Middle Linebackers Corey Judge MLB Purdue and VMI MLB
Right Outside Linebacker Ryan Branch ROLB UCLA
Cornerback Daron Knight CB Louisville, Adriean Sessions CB Fresno State, and Florida State CB compared to Ronde Barber
Free Safeties Justin Bowers FS Miami FL, Navy FS compared to Brian Westbrook, and Penn State FS compared to Bob Sanders
Strong Safety Temple SS compared to Rodney Harrison.

2011 Quincy Simms Draft I had to use to different coaches for the path from 2008-2020 I used Matt McJones and then I used a different coach once the John Adams draft arrived. With that in mind I'll begin the Quincy Simms Draft I'm not mentioning it again. If you can't figure out which players are busts and which players are superstars good luck I hope you got luck on your side.

1. Detroit Lions Ryan Luck QB Notre Dame
2. Houston Texans Corey Nero RB Oregon
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quincy Simms DT Miami FL
4. Arizona Cardinals Dan Zareb LT Tennessee
5. Seattle Seahawks Nate Jameel WR Virginia
6. Green Bay Packers Daron Knight CB Louisville
7. Atlanta Falcons Adriean Sessions CB Fresno State
8. New Orleans Saints Justin Bowers FS Miami FL
9. Buffalo Bills JB Ransom CB Houston
10. Kansas City Chiefs Tre Harvey QB Arizona
11. New York Jets Zach Rooney QB Penn State
12. Miami Dolphins Jamison Miller RE Florida State
13. New England Patriots Mookie Holmes QB Virginia Tech
14. Washington Redskins Artis Ricks RB Mississippi State
15. Baltimore Ravens Jordan Taylor QB South Carolina
16. Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Bradford RB Kansas
17. Denver Broncos Dayne Johnson CB LSU
18. Chicago Bears Antonio Pope WR UCLA
19. Oakland Raiders Sidney Duvall RB Clemson
20. Dallas Cowboys Mack McCracken LT North Carolina State
21. Cleveland Browns Adrian Parker RB Wisconsin
22. San Diego Chargers Corey Judge MLB Purdue
23. Philadelphia Eagles Mike Perkins LOLB South Florida
24. San Francisco 49ers Brad Rhodes RE Oregon State
25. Cincinnati Bengals Luther Summers LE Florida
26. Minnesota Vikings TJ Daily WR Stanford
27. Jacksonville Jaguars Mark Washdent WR USC
28. St. Louis Rams Cory Alford LE Iowa
29. Indianapolis Colts Storm Stewart TE Rutgers
30. New York Jets Jordan Hason LE Boise State
31. Kansas City Chiefs Ty Bridges SS Michigan
32. Tennessee Titans Dontrell Miles WR Maryland

Again 16 of the 32 prospects pan out. Most of the busts are in the bottom half of round 1 so trade up if you want a certain player.

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