Making the Leap From MLB The Show to Out of the Park Baseball

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I played ootp like 10 years ago expecting something like the show or mvp.* just didnt get into it.

now i want an alternative to the show.*

I like they have historical rosters and stadiums.* I'm not a pc/mac gamer so like the author Im sort of lost where to start.

I think I will eventually pick it up but going to do more homework on it.
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Re: Making the Leap From MLB The Show to Out of the Park Baseball

I’ve been playing baseball video games basically ever since I was old enough to learn how, starting with Triple Play 99, moving to the original ‘MLB’ games then eventually the current iteration of the Show through 19. I started playing on rookie mode back in the day just mashing the CPU, eventually got heavy into RTTS, dabbled with DD a bit in 18 but now mostly play Franchise. The management / player development side of the game interests me most. And the amount of time I have put in to force my experience with the Show emulate a true-to-life simulation this year has led me to beieve that OOTP may be the game for me (at least to satisfy my need for extremely in-depth realism). I end up quick managing 85% of my franchise games anyway.

Does anyone play both? I read a post where someone would play OOTP and the Show side-by-side in order to govern the storyline of their Show franchise. That’s kind of what I’m looking for as I don’t think I can part with actual on-field gameplay completely. But the shortcomings of the Show’s franchise mode become harder to ignore the deeper I try to get into the mode.
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Re: Making the Leap From MLB The Show to Out of the Park Baseball

Originally Posted by dukefan123a
So I bit the bullet and bought OOTP 20. I've been an avid player of MLB the Show and enjoy Franchise Mode the most, making trades, drafting prospects and trying to rebuild teams.

For those that are familiar with the game, what would you recommend I do when I start? Is there a franchise mode you can jump right into? Any suggestions that you think would help me dive into that simulation experience and help me learn the game would be great.
I would highly suggest just starting a franchise, it's the quickest way to learn. However, I wouldn't let this first chise be your lengthy one. Make mistakes, call guys up, send them down, adjust your roster a ton, and see how everything works. I'd then sim into the offseason after a few weeks (game weeks) to understand how the offseason works as well.

Everyone says "there's no wrong way to play OOTP" and that couldn't be more true. The game has so much complexity if you want it, so you need to know what options to hit or not hit & doing a dry run chise is the best way.
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Re: Making the Leap From MLB The Show to Out of the Park Baseball

My story is all over the place. The first time I played MLB The Show was ironically the same I played OOTP for the first time...in 2017. The great thing about my experience with The Show was the fact that because I was new to it, I didn't know anything about legacy issues...the game was fresh and new to me and I loved every minute of it. As far as OOTP went, the Franchise Owner and GM in me was in heaven. The game was so deep that it overwhelmed me at first. I lietrally had to take like a couple of days and just mess around with stuff to get a feel for it...mess some stuff up and then just start over. The only thing that was missing for me with OOTP were the visuals. I couldn't get down with the chess pieces.

So, then when I found out they were adding 3D visuals of on-field action I've bought OOTP every year since then. However, I ended up selling my PS4 and haven't played The Show since. As much as I love baseball and I want to play that game, I just couldn't justify having that system for just one game. So, now I have the Xbox One X. OOTP gives me a fix in what it does best and I'm actually still diving into MVP 2005 on the PC. With the mods man that game right there...
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