Have Sports Gaming Controls Become Too Complicated for Their Own Good?

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Yes. Yes. Yes.

It doesn't help that with Madden, the CPU snaps the ball so quickly that I have no time to do anything on defense because I'm fumbling with the controls.

I don't get all that I can out of NBA 2K because I can never master all of the post moves and Isomotion controls.

MLB The Show has Classic pitching, which is pretty easy to use, and also Timing hitting and Assisted fielding, so I feel like I can still hold my own with that game.

I think there should be different control options for all games.
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Originally Posted by Galarius
"usually there'ARE' ways"...the dyslexia is kickin in today!!!ha ha...luckily i can still remember the difference between escape dribble pull-up and dribble pull up
Good, brother I had no idea there was a difference. I know you have to hold L for escape, how do you do the pull up?
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I prefer the controls the way they are today. It's hard to learn them but once you've mastered them it's very satisfying. Less difficult controls also means more random animations etc. and having more control yourself is worth to have difficult controls imo. And let's be honest: you don't have to study 3 years at Harvard to learn them. Practice them for an hour and you know how to do it.
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Thanks for the tips SIMatic, I'll have to check those out.
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Looks like we have ran out of topics. Getting more and more redundant by the week. The answer is yes and no. Or there is no right and wrong answer. Depends on your preference.

My personal opinion on this is that we need more functions rather than changing the way they are performed. For instance rather you mash a button or move a analog stick it is still hitting a baseball, shooting a basketball, etc. How about adding actual functions? Nothing complicated about any of the games IMO, still the same functions you have always done.

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i don't mind the complex controls, it allows you to do more. If the controls were as simple as they used to be then you'd either not be in control of doing exactly what you want or the ability to do more would be gone.

If you want to perform a certain move there is a control for it. But if you simplified everything then that move might be combined with another move so you wouldn't be able to control which move you wanted to do. For example, if you want to throw an ally oop then it's L2 and X. But if the controls were more simple then maybe throwing an ally oop would be combined with a regular pass but where the player is on the court and other things would determine when you throw the ally oop.
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Re: Have Sports Gaming Controls Become Too Complicated for Their Own Good?

I think it all depends on whether you grew up playing games or not. People like me who have been playing since we were 5 years old have evolved ALONG WITH the control schemes of sports games, therefore picking them up is far easier than someone who just recently rode the wave in.

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Alley oops were automatic in NBA Live 95. I thought they worked pretty well in that game.

The biggest problem with passing in Live 95 was the isometric camera, which is more of a presentation issue than a control issue.
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