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My thoughts on all 4 football games

Well unfortantly EA has the exclusive licenses to College and Pro football.
That doesnt mean anything to me if you have a completly easy to customize game.

This year ive decided to give all 4 games a shot. Tecmo Bowl should be out soon for ps3. Backbreaker comes out on june 1st which is less than a month away. Ncaa football 11 comes out on june 14 i believe, and madden 11 comes out on august 10.

What we know about improvements to madden:

Blocking Improvements

Gus Johnson

New Catching motions( side line catches, no david tyree catch, ect )

New WR-DB Interactions


Game Flow

Game Plan

New online mode( no news on what it is yet )

For ncaa we know:

Espn Presentation

New menus


Blocking Improvements

Pro Tak

Refs on field

Chain Gain

New offences: pro style, air strike, ect

more i believe

For Tecmo Bowl theres not a ton of info besides same old game with new custimization and much better grathics.

For Backbreaker we know it is suppose to have the best tackling engine, and very good game play as well as great custimization.

So far i would say NCAA Football 11 wins for most improvements. I would assume that we have still much more info to come and E3 comming in june expect much more great features.

More madden i would say they already added some stuff that ncaa added this year last year, how ever they did not add as much stuff as they added this year. I would say that ncaa currently seams like the better game, however since i have not played either it is very hard to say.

Overall Backbreaker seams like a nice game for people who want great gameplay and dont care about players models. Backbreaker has great grathics except for the player models and looks like an exellent football game for anyone who wants a switch from madden or ncaa.

Overall tecmo bowl seams like an arcading game with decent custimization and good grathics, with decent game play.

Overall Madden 11 seams like a good game with excellent grathics, much improved gameplay.

Overall Ncaa 11 looks like it will win the deal as the most realistic football game because of its exellent grathics, great gameplay, great custimization with teambuilder, and exellent espn integrated presentation.

I will be buying all 4 football games on their release dates and write an individual review on each.
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Re: My thoughts on all 4 football games

The problem with these 4 games is that EA Sports makes two of them...

With that being said, I hope NCAA Football is good, but I fear they spent to much time with presentation and not enough on gameplay. I know they redid the locomotion and improved blocking assingments, but I still need to see it work when I play the game. I can't believe that in 2010 that having wr's try to stay inbounds during a catch is such a major addition. Seems like this should be day one suff.

I don't know what to think about Madden. I bought it last year and ended up selling it. I love the graphics, but in the end the gameplay just wasn't there for me. I spent the year playing 2k5 on xbox with updated rosters. (I love this game and you should write a review on it to when you write one for the others to see how far gameplay has come since 2004. The answer might make you mad. )

As far as tecmo bowl goes, I will buy it when ever it comes out on ps3. I can't imagine spending as much time playing this as 2k5, but for 10 bucks it is worth it.

As far as Backbreaker goes, I will read about it on here after release. I just don't think it is going to be very good at all. I hope I am wrong, and will be the first to admit it.

In short, will buy NCAA and Tecmo. As far as Madden and Backbreaker goes I doubt I will buy either.
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