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Re: So the NFC has not shot?

Originally Posted by wwharton
Sorry, jmood, the Ravens completely dominated that entire game. I remember it well b/c it was the first game or Billick calling the plays. Bush was scared to get hit, Brees was confused quite a bit. He ended up with some serious yards b/c Colston did his thing and the Ravens could afford to give up the underneath for most of the game.

I wouldn't expect a repeat performance if they met again (I think that was his point) but beating a team like that on the road, while they're coming out of a bye is domination.
I never said that they weren't dominated. Cjones said that the saints shouldn't show up on the field which is why I said not really.
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Let me assure you that I am a huge proponent of size, and it greatly matters. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

If I went any bigger, it would not have properly fit with my equipment, so I had to optimize. I'm okay with it, but I also know what I'm missing with those five inches. :)
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Re: So the NFC has not shot?

he was making a point about you saying someone else (I think Dallas) shouldn't show up b/c of an earlier game. basically either both teams shouldn't bother showing up or both teams shouldn't be judged based only on the previous game.
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