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Stream of Consciousness for 12/1/08

Posted 12-01-2008 at 03:40 AM by bjf1377
- Just got done watching The Incredible Hulk. I really made me realize that I'm not a huge fan of movies that try to combine absurd, unrealistic premises with real life. Its not to say that they aren't decent movies, but I'm just not a fan cause I get taken out of the story too easily. Same thing happened with Iron Man. It was just too far out for me to possibly believe it could happen. And you may ask "How can you like Batman then?" Well, because its at least mildly plausible. The new Batman has superior strength, but its still at human levels. He really doesn't have any super powers either. He just has some nice armor and some high-tech weapons (and a cape). Plus it could just be that Batman has been ingrained in my memory since childhood while The Incredible Hulk came around before my time (Lou Ferrigno era) and too late in life (the two most recent iterations). Oh well. Like I said, not bad movies, just not my cup of tea.

- I really wish I could go back to the fall of '06 and change some things. Cause that's when the switch was flipped with my depression and since then, aside from about 6 months, I haven't been able to switch it off. Every night I just sit here thinking about all the negative things in life. And then I wake up in the morning/afternoon (depends how hard it is for me to fall asleep the night before) and I go right back to thinking about things. I withdrew from all my classes because I was getting nervous breakdowns before going to them, and I'm feeling a little better now because of that. But I realize I can't avoid school all together. And because I withdrew from classes I worry about what to tell my parents cause they wouldn't be too fond of that news. So I just go back and forth in my head. In the end I usually just throw on some Opie & Anthony clips or watch a funny movie to clear my head for the time being. But I know in the back of my head that its just a matter of time before the sadness and anguish come back and I have to fight off my own urges to lessen/divert the pain in various ways

- Working on videogame rosters is no easy chore. I'm still chugging along on these NHL 09 rosters for the 360. The funny part about it is, of all the people who probably want these rosters, I'm probably the least knowledgeable and passionate hockey fan. I'm trying to get back into it, but its hard when you're in Ohio and there aren't many/any nationally televised games most weeks. But back to the rosters, geez its time consuming. I can create a player fairly easily, but its finding them in the increasingly longer free agent list and signing them to the appropriate deals that takes all the time. Sometimes I just have to stop and play another game so I don't fall asleep and I can go back and get a few more teams done. The AHL is the real speedbump.

- The Indians were mediocre, the Browns are sucking, and who knows what shenanigans the Cavs will pull, but I wouldn't trade being a Cleveland fan for anything
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I had the very opposite feelings on Hulk, Iron Man and Batman. I really enjoyed both the Hulk and Iron Man. While it may be hard to fathom some of those things in Hulk or Iron Man, they still seemed realistic or believable within the context of the universe they present. Ie. gamma radiation can be used to create super people, the technology for Iron Man is possible, etc.

Batman was the opposite. Becuase it's a character that is human in a human type world and context, I expect the story to make sense and be realistic. There were so many things in that movie that annoyed me I found it easily the worst of the three. Joker's escape from jail, his access to the DA in a hospital he threatened to blow up, the gadget Batman uses at the end, the transformation of TwoFace, etc. all were more ridicilous than anything I witnessed in the Hulk or Iron Man given the context of those stories.

To each his own I guess.
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