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Funny Lee Corso Story

Bloomington,IN Ohio St @ Indiana 1976
In the 2qtr with 14:55 to go Lee Corso head coach of Indiana called time out.

Here is the funny part, after taking a 7-6 lead over Ohio St he then had his team pose for a picture in front of the scoreboard. He then used the picture for a 1977 recruiting brochure. Ohio St won that game 47-7.

So why would he do something like this? To figure out, we must hear the entire story. Here it is.

The whole idea started in 1951 when Indiana beat Ohio St. Woody Hayes said
"that football team will never beat me again- ever"

before the kickoff of the 1976 game Corso ask Woody how he was doing and Woody just growls at him. Corso's response "What the hell are you mad at me for?I was 10 years old when those guys beat you" Woody throws his hat and laughs at Corso.

Ohio st gets a a pick 6 and misses the extra point and then Indiana drives down and scores to take the 7-6 lead.After the extra point Corso walks across the field
and tells the official " we quit" official says "what" ,Corso "we quit. We ain't playing no more" Official says " You can't do that" Corso ask "Why"? the official says "your going to get beat" Corso "We are going to get beat anyhow. I quit.We're not going to play anymore" the official says " You can't do that" Corso "OK Time Out"

Corso then had the team and the photographer hurry up run under the scoreboard and took a picture. The crowd mostly Ohio St fans are going crazy,
Woody throws hit hat at Corso and is yelling. The ref says to Corso "what the hell are you doing"? Corso says"You know what mister it's been 25 years since Indiana has been ahead of that S.O.B. , and I want a picture to prove I'm ahead of him"

After the game the photographer has the nerve to ask Coro " Lee do you want another picture"?

Corso is crazy, LOL!
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

Thats pretty funny. lol.
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

That is pretty funny. haha But have never been a Corso fan at all. He is just plain annoying.
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

LOL that is pretty good.
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

I love Lee Corso.
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

Also, there's the story of Corso's first game as the Indiana football coach having the team warm up at a off campus site and then bus the team to the stadium on double decker buses. Thing is the buses got caught in traffic that almost made the team late for the kickoff.

Corso wasn't the best coach at IU but, Corso did some interesting stuff to try and drum up interest in the program. The University did treat Corso wrong when they told Corso that his job was safe and then a couple days later Corso's wife reads in the newspaper that Corso was fired as Indiana's head coach. I think to this day Corso holds bad feelings towards IU for that.
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

Originally Posted by dunnyduns
I think to this day Corso holds bad feelings towards IU for that.
Oh, come on. Maybe towards some of the older donors, but it's doubtful that any of the administration from those days are still around. Corso's a pro. I doubt he has any biases that can be detected on-air.
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Re: Funny Lee Corso Story

When he was recruiting Tom Jackson to Louisville, he had just taken the job and hadn't even been to the campus yet. Tom Jackson asked him what the campus was like and Corso said, "I don't know; I haven't been there yet." Somehow, Corso got TJ to sign with UofL.
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