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Re: You Will/Won't Buy NHL 16 If...

Originally Posted by jdl24
I'm still on the fence. It's between Madden and NHL for me. In Canada were paying $80 a pop-up which is ridiculous. I don't know how it's justified to keep raising prices. I'm mostly offline as well and die hard Habs fan. I'm leaning towards this game over Madden because I'll get a lot more use out of NHL then Madden. The wife and I leave for a week for a vacation in the Dominican on September 13 so I'll try to jump on here during release week to read what everyone thinks.
i buy my games on kijiji. Bought the show for 50 $ 1 week after lunch. i think NHL and Madden will sold for around 50 $. witcher 3 and batman each for 40 $. CDN dollar is crap .75 right now, this is why we here in Canada pay 80 $. With EA Games is the different not so much year to year for offline player. if u are HUT OR MUT player u have bit the bullet.
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Re: You Will/Won't Buy NHL 16 If...

Originally Posted by actionhank
I'd say about 99% of them used to before EA stopped paying any attention to offline play. It's depressing to someone like me, that's been playing since NHL07 to have the series come down to a "I have to wait for honest gameplay opinions and videos to see if it even looks remotely enjoyable".

The game was a midnight release that I'd hunt down in local stores all over town...now I haven't played it in over a year and a half, and it sucks.
Amen. I couldn't be less interested in ESHL or whatever it's called, and it seems that means EA has no interest in me. No buy without full GM mode and create a team
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Re: You Will/Won't Buy NHL 16 If...

Originally Posted by JezFranco
Vision Control = Skating backwards. Why?
I prefered the old style where the player lined up facing the goal. Even with a lot of practice, the backward skating is often to clunky, especially when you want to line up a non-puck carrying player, and also...
That was the worst change I think they made. I didn't really notice an improvement in gameplay, as much as I did frustration with trying to square up to the puck carrier, or face the net for a shot on goal.
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Re: You Will/Won't Buy NHL 16 If...

Every year I try the EA demo and I just can't get past the icons above the players heads. It takes any realism out of the game for me. I wish they would change it to the bottom of the player instead, the way other NHL games have it.
This may sound stupid but it stops me from buying the game every year.
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Re: You Will/Won't Buy NHL 16 If...

I bought this year already digitally. Mostly because I didn't get it last year and I can't go two years with no hockey. The NHL wasn't the same for me last year without some NHL 15.
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Re: You Will/Won't Buy NHL 16 If...

I'd really love to know if NHL finally allows you to have more of a Sandbox control to your GM mode?

I would the ability to randomly be able to play any League Game on the schedule or any Post Season game I want to get a feel for the different teams around the league. And still have the ability to micro manage my own team

This is what I love about the NBA 2K series and the MLB The Show series...you can do this and it makes the playing in the league more enjoyable while adding some variety so your not just always playing with your own team every game
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