NHL 16 Tuner Update For September 28

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NHL 16 Tuner Update For September 28

Hey guys,

So Sean Ramjagsingh (Rammer to most of you) has asked openly on Twitter for feedback on the latest tuner, and what better place than here for him to get constructive feedback to use? So here is what I want to do:

Post your feedback on the new tuner. But there are a few guidelines.

Post whether you commenting on offline or online gameplay

Post if you have altered sliders (for offline)

Post how many games you have played with the new tuner

Post constructively

This way we can give accurate and meaningful feedback. Post videos if you'd like, but again - keep it constructive.

Here are the tuner notes (Thanks Jake19ny!):


  • Improved poke collisions to address issues where a puck would be dislodged even when the puck or puck carriers stick were not contacted.
  • Increased speed of player controlled goalie when using precision motion.
  • Increased the pass error for the lowest pass accuracy slider settings.
  • Tuned down agility and ability to generate speed when turning tightly with protect puck.
  • Lessened the effect of the speed penalty on the puck carrier slightly when stickhandling a puck.
  • Turned down effectiveness of AI players in online faceoffs.
  • Goalie will commit more towards the shooter/puck side of the ice to guard against short side shots.
  • Lowered the threshold to which a player is able to receive/pick up a puck cleanly.
UPDATE: (9/29) We have removed “Increased the likelihood to trip a player when a pokecheck goes into the opponents skates or legs.” after many players have stated that it resulted in too many tripping penalties.
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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread

Thanks Mill!

Offline impressions

Settings: All-Star, 10 minute periods, Penalties one click down from max

Sliders: Mostly Hardcore default, except:

Game Speed zeroed
All Shot and Pass Accuracy sliders zeroed
Pass Speed zeroed
User Strategy 4 and User AI penalties up 1 tick (to match the CPU team's settings)

Only 2 games so far. 10 minute periods are a time commitment and I had a Madden league game last night. Hope to play some more today, I'm having a hard time putting this down since the last tuner dropped.

Here's the video of one of the games (repost from other thread):

Still plays solid to me, for what the game is. I know the poke-checking is a big deal to some, but with my play style and these sliders I don't think I'm going to run into much trouble there. Shot totals are close enough to what I was getting in the last tuner.

Might experiment with bumping the wrist shot accuracy back up a tick or two, I hate seeing breakaway shots miss the goal. That's not a tuner thing though, it's been constant with the older tuner as well with those sliders bottomed out.

Someday I'd like to have this kind of gameplay and shot totals in full 20 minute periods (or at least allow the sliders to do that), and get some more neutral zone play in the game. But I do like the sense of purpose the AI has in the offensive zone - makes me play good positional D or I pay for it.

I'd also like to see the choice of tuners return - being able to choose from only the first one or the latest one seems like a waste of that menu option. Would also eliminate "the last tuner was better" complaints - people could just use whichever one suits them best.

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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread

I play offline and used altered sliders that I had used with the previous tuner (good results then) I have only played two games with new tuner but the difference was instantly noticeable.
EDIT: Played 5 games now

better neutral zone play and pressure by the CPU defense in the neutral zone
Tighter skating

I do not spam the poke check and still WAY TOO MANY tripping penalties
Game speed got faster
Goalies are terrible now
Hitting seemed over the top and in the defensive end I think it takes the CPU out of position as they go for the hit. I'm seeing more breakaways and 2 on 1s as a result.
For both CPU and User I feel like a guy is always open camped next to the net and I didn't see that before the tuner. also I'm seeing way more rebounds and many of those go right to that camped guy for an easy goal
Seeing CPU guys on both teams kind of goal hanging.
Before the tuner I was impressed with the fact that finally the CPU actually went off sides, iced the puck, and pucks left the rink at a rather realistic rate. That seems to be gone now and its more just back and forth.

Overall I feel the game is more arcade like with this tuner and more sim like with the old one. I've tweaked some sliders to make it playable but I was really happier with the old tuner.

If Rammer is going to check these posts out I wonder if he can answer why they choose to overwrite the tuners rather than have multiple tuners like in NHL 14. It seems to me that some of these tuners help online at the expense of offline and vise versa. Wouldn't it be better if we could choose what tuner works best?

Also want to apologize to my fellow forumers for my anger fueled original thread on this subject. I should know better. It's always wise to never post anything on any social media when angry. This is the kind of thread I should have made. Thanks

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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread

Post whether you commenting on offline or online gameplay

Offline Playoff Mode

Post if you have altered sliders (for offline)

Yes but only goalie reaction speed to 5 and goalie screen to 1 and penalties are maxed as I play pretty much Allstar Default 5 minute periods

Post how many games you have played with the new tuner

9 games

Post constructively

The game played near perfect for me out of the box before the 9/29 tuner update and this is on near Allstar default 5 min periods and was getting accurate shot totals with 4 to 7 penalties a game combined .

The update is a mixed bag for me


CPU plays better defensively positionally and more body to body Defense with less of a gap or space.

CPU is more active with their stick work

CPU attacks the puck handler more aggressively with pressure

CPU also has more Offensive attack


Too many tripping penalties and my combined penalties have nearly doubled since the update but its probably because the depth has been increased so it can probably be tweaked .

The improve CPU defense comes off as kinda of a speed boost

Seeing alot more big checks

Passing seems faster and even more accurate so less time to react.

All in All I think separate online and offline sliders would keep everyone happy so thanks for taking feedback Rammer as Im really enjoying NHL 16 .
Finally Roster share in NHL 22 ! Dreams do come true ! To Garryowen and Glory boys !
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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread

Why do I have to subscribe to PS plus to get the tuners when I didn't have to in the past? Thanks

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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread


Sliders/Settings Lowered game speed, lowered checking assist to zero and hitting power to 1. Lowered shooting sliders across the board. Poke checking at default for hardcore.

8 Games

I like the game better post tuner. You can't poke check at stupid times. However, the tweaks to skating make it much easier to play good positional defense, and position yourself to successfully poke check. I have had zero issues with excess penalties.

The cpu seems to pass the puck in a manner more consistent with the physics the user is subject to.
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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread

I play offline, all star sim.
I had game speed one down from the top so had to reduce it by one with the update.
I didn't realize there was a new tuner when I played with it yesterday. My overall impression was that I really enjoyed the game a lot, and wondered why, so I think it's a good improvement.
It felt like the cpu was really amped up and I had to weather the storm when they periodically went into overdrive. Luckily I use sliders that slant it in my favor because I'm not that good. I imagine if you play default it would be pretty hard.
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Re: September 29th Tuner Thread

Just played a game....9 penalties in the game, 8 pp for the cpu and one for me....all 9 penalties were for tripping....absolutely absurd and annoying....wish I didn't install this tuner now.

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