How Could Presentation Be Improved In NHL 18

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How Could Presentation Be Improved In NHL 18

Okay, hands up, who can remember the disappointment that was NHL 15? The jump to current-gen was a tough transition for the NHL series, as it was for many other long-running franchises. In the midst of the move, a whole range of features were stripped away, including the ultra-popular EA Sports Hockey League. In some ways, it felt like a lockout year for our beloved hockey series as our collective, team-based aspirations of virtual glory went on hold for 12 months.

As disappointing as it was to be a fan during this time period, that first current-gen release implemented a wide variety of gameplay and presentation upgrades, thereby establishing a solid base for the future. Since then, an additional two iterations of the series have been released on Xbox One and PS4, and while upgrades have been made across the board, certain presentation features have been left largely untouched. Of course, NHL's visual and audio aspects aren't exactly sub-par in general, but while many of them remain impressive, others have simply grown stale.

I personally love EA Sports' NHL series, and above all else, I'm a huge fan. Like any dedicated supporter, I've got bugbears and wishlist items to detail, so here are my thoughts on the future of NHL's presentation suite.

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Platform: PS4 / Xbox One
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I like NHL17. But I keep looking at NHL 2k10. Its what 6 plus years old and except the fans the arena still kicks the EA presentations ***.. Even the saves made by the goalies and the A.I. is cleaner for the most part... The little things 2K did back then still hasn't been caught on by EA. I booted 2K10 back up and got a blast out of it again sure the faces are rougher and the jerseys suck around the edges and it shows it age but you got to add your music... Holidays got a little added graphic and the broadcasts had better play by play. I love doc and the NBC commercials that is EAs game. But for a 7 year head start 2K still can claim a almost tie. I hope NHL18 does something wonderful or I may end my collection. I have 99.9% of every single one they have made I am a fan. But As my age goes up my patience grows thin......
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They have to have 5 man goal celebrations. it is a gigantic eye-sore. No more excuses on this. If they can't do it real time, give us a cut scene like they do for the milestones.

Commentary, they need to have Doc sound more like himself and continue to work on this. Eddie is brutal and barely has any lines. Ray is natural but also needs more commentary.

Also, the playoff commentary needs a lot of work. Doc sounds exactly the same whether it is a preseason game or game 7 on the playoffs.
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More stat overlays are needed.

When you take your first penalty or get a power play, I would like to see the season numbers and % not 0/0 for game.

Need career numbers for every player. Currently if you want to know how many goals, assists, points, etc a player has, you have to add them up yourself.

I would like some more camera angle choices added and different angles on replays.

Announcing needs work. Doc tends to talk like it is your first time with a hockey game.

Frostbite engine no doubt.

Banners in arenas could be updated depending on how you finish after each season, certain players jerseys could hang from rafters if they retire.

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I think EA should bring back Gary Thorne and Bill Clement to go along with Doc and Eddie on commentary. NHL 13 was my first in the series so I didn't grow tired of them like most others did, plus personally I just like them better than Doc and Eddie. Also, the NHL devs need to get with the FIFA or Madden devs to put together their soundtrack. I'd rather them go back to NHL 16 menu music than listen to what they have in 17.
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Re: How Could Presentation Be Improved In NHL 18

they need boxscores for games played.
If I go to the calendar- when I click on the score I want to see a boxscore for Christ sakes.
its gonna be 2018.

also an nhl tonite show with league highlites would be sweet.
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Old 02-06-2017, 02:22 PM   #7
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I'll chime-in on the EASHL drop-ins. Please find a way to be able to get rid of the IDIOTS that have ruined the experience for EVERYONE!!! And they know who they are.... So sick- and- tired of playing this mode and having to be exposed to these IDIOTS!!! Find a way to be able to kick those players by team vote, and replace him, or them, with INTELLIGENT computer controlled player(s). I'm sure EA can find the way to program a computer player to be as equal, OR BETTER, than some of the IDIOTS who've ruined that mode. I could give you a size able list of other thing(s) these IDIOTS have done to ruin the game(s), but I think you get my idea.... I'd also like to see the referees programmed to be exactly like the Umps in MLB The Show. The ability to select certain styles to officiate the game(s). These STALE, same infraction-calling bots, are sooo repetitive, that this area needs the much needed overhaul as well! Bring back the 3 Stars coming out on the ice too. You that lazy EA?!?!
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Menus are not a problem on other EA Games??? Really!!!
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