My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

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Old 09-18-2020, 03:39 PM   #57
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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Honestly, I am glad some people are having fun with this game, I wish I could join you. But every game I play is filled with bugs or immersion breaking issues that just kill it for me every time.

I have yet to play a single game in my CFM with my buddy were something doesn't break stupidly, like having the DBs man flip to the other side of the field or having the rusher on FG Block just walk into the kicker... not dive... not even sprint... just walk into the kicker for a penalty.

I don't know what changed this year because a lot of the bugs I see are legacy bugs and I used to just laugh them off like "hah stupid game stuff", but now it just ruins the game for me every time. Maybe it's because Franchise is so bone dry that its basically just a series of play now games or because I can't open Madden without seeing a Full Splash screen for something in MUT or the yard, but they just finally broke my enjoyment.
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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Originally Posted by countryboy
It's sad that not only does the OP feel the need to apologize for his opinion because its apparently unpopular in this forum, but that those who find his opinion "incorrect" feel the need to not only tell him he's wrong, and in some cases ridicule or belittle him for having that opinion, but then you have people now exaggerating the incorrectness of his opinion to ridiculous hyperbole levels, all to prove a point that his personal opinion of a video game, is wrong.

Agree 100% but if someone posted a "this is the Worst Madden " thread it would be met with the same cynicism, vitriol, and hyberbole, and I venture to say it would be closed and directed to an impressions thread. I am in full agreement that it's sad that posters feel the need to derail threads and take it to another level but I respect the OP opinion of the game because its exactly that his opinion.
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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Originally Posted by stinkubus
Reported for political content. If something vaguely in favor of BLM counts as "politics" surely openly advocating for the regulation of loot boxes must also? He's calling for direct, governmental action here.
it's related to the game

blm is not
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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Originally Posted by Milticket
I honestly don't think those are really signs that the game isn't very good. I believe EA had a free to play weekend for M20 as well. I understand ppl might not like EA, but a free to play weekend & free game codes is a pretty sweet deal and wish more gaming companies were in the position to do the same. I mean its all opinion at the end of the day. I mean I can go to Best Buy & they"ll have stacks of a new COD. MLB the Show is on patch update 1.17 I believe.

The free to play is a direct result of all the complaints!! EA executives realize Madden 21 has been receiving a high amount of negative press! Free to play is not them trying to show gratitude for their customers!! Lol

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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Originally Posted by Madden08PCgmr

Anger aimed at us fans? To a man, we ALL want a better game. True in 2004, true in 2014, truer than ever today. Each and every one of us.

Some may want a better game but will not do what is necessary, collectively, to make it happen. If this was one of several licensed NFL simulations, I would just say EA is not for me, or hope the competition forces EA to improve their product. Because of their monopoly, I have no market choice if I want to play simulation football. So I don't buy their games anymore, but I do voice my opinion of them to try to add to the other voices trying to alter this broken dynamic.

The NFL certainly gets some of the blame, but I highly doubt anybody in any position to decide knows or cares enough about games to be of any use in affecting change.

Just look at what NBA 2K manages to do compared to NBA Live. It's clear someone else needs to be allowed access to the market.
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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Originally Posted by roadman
Apples to oranges, one is a hobby, the other indirectly could affect your health. Most indoor buildings are smoke free. Are you willingly going to go up to strangers that are smoking near you outside, shake your finger at them, and tell them as a group they are increasing your health care cost?

To each their own.

No but I will criticize one defending smoking by commenting online.
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Re: My apologies but, this the best Madden ever!

Itís a shame that a thread started by someone talking about *gasp* enjoying the game has degraded to this.
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