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Post Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

Post any of your feature requests for MyGM, MyLEAGUE, or MyLEAGUE Online for NBA 2K20 here.

Please no questions, as I won't likely have time to respond and don't want to have to weed through a bunch of Q & A to get to the new feature ideas.

We're trying to finalize stuff earlier this year, so please post any requests you have sooner rather than later. Anything posted after the end of October probably won't be noticed.
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Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K19 Wish List
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

My biggest thing right now with ML is immersion. I'd like the return of the NBA.com homepage and for the commentary to refererence stuff from the rumor mill. I'm only in the beginning of season 2, buti will have more...
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Speak it into existence
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

Thanks for doing this each year, Dave.

Puts on mod hat: Guys keep this thread about your MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List only. Any off-topic comments will be deleted.

Takes off mod hat... I'm going to go with the few remaining items from my wish-list last year (it's getting super short though):

1) Carry-over saves and carry-over Draft Classes - Carry over saves would be amazing and I'd love to see the same thing for Draft Classes/CAP's. Obviously, there are normally improvements in each iteration and the big problem would be getting them to work together. However if we can import a draft class from one game to the next that would save a lot of time. Even if it was mainly just vitals, and any ratings/tendencies shared between the two games would be awesome. Even if the carry over caps aren't exactly the same appearance wise, just giving the same vitals, body size, hair/eye, color would give us a nice head start.

2) Create-A-Staff (Head Coach, Assistants, GMís) with Full Coach History - A full editor. So you can edit everything from a coach's name, appearance. Coach History - Records, teams worked for, hired/fired, etc.

3) More Free Agent preferences for both Players and Coaches - For Players I know the game already has Loyalty, Player of a Winner, and Financial Security, but adding things like Location and Coach Scheme Preference would be nice additions. Iíd love to see Promised Roles (star, starter, 6th-man, rotation player, bench) return, as well. For coaches things like current roster, long term outlook (considering young players, future draft picks), Financial Security and location would be ideal. Maybe even factor in working for certain GMís but maybe thatís asking a little too much.

4) GM Goals for MyLeague - I know this is kind of a MyGm thing but Iíd like to see it return in MyLeague with it being just text based with the options to accept or refuse kind of like the League Rules. Goals could be things like Make the Playoffs, add a 1st Round Draft Picks, Cut Salary, stay under the Luxury Tax, things of that nature. Also, have something like job safety rating for each coach and if it gets too low, then they get fired. Of course, since itís MyLeague then you can have the option to not accept the firing.

5) A NBA2K All Day Everyday experience - Bring 2K with with you anywhere whether youíre an offline or online user. Your can upload your MyLeague to a computer and view stats/standings/awards, edit rosters/draft classes or even sim games, train or scout players/teams. Basically anything you can do on your console outside of playing the game, we can now do on our computers, tablets and cell phones.

6) Dynamic Tendencies and Badges - I'd like to see more players gain/loss these as the progress/regress through their careers.

7) Off-Season Dynamic Free Agent Demands - As the offseason progresses I would like to see some mid-level FA's lower their salary demands so that you don't have good FA's left over in the FA pool each season.

8) Improved Lineup Logic (for bad teams) - In-Game lineup logic that pertains to foul trouble and blowouts may be considered gameplay (but I'd love to see that addressed so pass it along if you can ) However, what I'm talking about here is teams that are basically tanking being able to noticed that and give bigger roles to their younger guys late in the season.

9) Add a Separate the Injury Sliders for played games versus simmed games - Honestly, I very rarely (and by rarely I mean pretty much never) see injuries in played games any more and I don't want to turn injuries up too high because I control all 30-teams and all of the teams besides mine see a lot of injuries which gives my team and unfair advantage. Giving us a little more control over injuries would be a welcomed addition.

10) Bring back playable rookie workouts from last gen- Give us the opportunity to see how a handful of rookies perform on the court before drafting them.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

Uhh The current MLO which is absolutely broken and riddled with bugs/glitches and server issues needs to be fixed first.

That being said once you guys get these issues fixed current myleague/MLO has a bunch of new wonderful features that we're appreciative of, but as of now the mode is mostly unplayable online for many people, a month after release which is absolutely unacceptable.

Will make a more comprehensive list later for next year features, but one thing I asked for last year which would be great if it can be added next year since it causes massive sim problems if you guys can correct the issue of players' mid/3pt shooting %'s in simulation from being a composite of all the shooting ratings(Open/contested/moving), this leads to drastically off shooting %'s for players who only take spot up shots but are poor shooting contested and off the dribble shots(such as stretch bigs). 38% 3pt shooters will shoot 25% because of this. The best solution obviously would be to make the contested/pull up tendencies affect these %'s/how much of each type of shot they shoot in simulation, but if that is too difficult for some reason it will be way better to just simply default it to their open shot ratings so we can at least get a relatively accurate %.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

Don't change the create a player but i still want the wwe import a picture create a player. More player dna slots. More expansion teams slots the game has a lot of cities to expand to but not a lot of expansion slots. I love playing with expansion teams just as much or even better than the nba teams. Show expansion teams cities areas like the nba teams.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

Iím not sure if this is implemented now, but dynamic progression. I feel like the potential of most players are always met no matter what type of season they had. I could have a 78 rookie who barely played and averaged 5 points a game and during progression heíll still jump 5-6 overalls just because his potential is a 87. Meanwhile, the 72 second rounder starting on another team won ROTY and averaged 15 and 5 and only went up one overall.

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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

Hey guys, loved what you've allowed us to do with player progression and regression this year!!! The customization sliders are a very welcome addition.

First i wanna talk philosophy and then i'll get to my suggestions.

For me, here's the main 2 things that are fun about this mode: 1) Creating history within the NBA landscape and having it documented (i.e. legacies), 2) Team building and how the game expresses the team's story within the game's sandbox and algorithms (both in terms of successes and struggles).
^ The game is good/adequate for #1, but could stand to improve in #2.
The amount of satisfaction and wonder that you feel from building a team in Football Manager and seeing how the game expresses the team's ways to me (the user) is unparalleled. It's my dream for NBA2K to get close to that level.

NEW FEATURES SUGGESTIONS (in rough order of preference)

Drafting players is one of the most fun parts of team building. When you're building your team identity, you want to draft a guy that fits your vision for what you need and/or fit's your coaches system. But the scouting reports right now don't satisfy that need and there is so much potential in this area (that's my scouting report of scouting reports lol).
Make the scouting report more expansive. More tabs in the profile? I wanna read how the game interprets the player! In addition to attribute strengths and weaknesses, make the scouting report express the kind of role the player will play in the NBA. I.e. algorithm suggestion: Make the game read the player's playtypes, and then have it read the player's TENDENCIES that relate to that play type, then express in words what's there. I.e. say they have a "Post Low" playtype, then i wanna hear about their "faceup" tendency, their "shimmy shot tendency", etc. Do they use hook shots or fades? Or say they have a "P&R roll man" playtype, then i wanna hear about their tendency in regards to "roll vs pop". If they have a "3PT" playtype, i wanna hear about their "transition spot up" tendency. If they have an "iso" playtype, then i wanna hear about their "iso vs defender" tendencies and what their dribble/drive tendencies are (in words!). If they're a PG, let me know about their flashy pass tendency. If they're a wing, i wanna know about their "dish to open man" tendency, i.e., are they a ball mover or more of a hog? I wanna know whether they drive to the basket or not no matter what position they are. These kinds of details should be available for guys you scout 100%. I wanna know what moves they have. Eurosteps? Hesitation setup dribble? Where do they shoot from, inside, mid or 3pt? Or all 3 levels? Do they use glass when they shoot?
AND/OR algorithm suggestion: You could make them read their player archetype and then read tendencies and attributes that relate to that.
Also, don't show me what badges they have, but just say in words what their specialties are, based on the badges they have. I.e. if they have a "mid-range deadeye" badge, then just say the words "They're effective scoring in the mid-range.
Also, don't be afraid to make suggestions of how i could use the player. E.g. even though it's not in the player tendencies, it's nice to read a scouting report that suggests that an athletic wing with rebounding and dunking abilities would be best suited to a fast-paced transition style of gameplay. Things like this are the next level of scouting reports. And it would be so fun.
To summarize: Make it so we can make tactical decisions based on the words in the scouting report.

PLAYABLE TRAINING CAMP (with lasting affects)
Training camp is a big deal in the NBA. It's a chance at a fresh start. Players/coaches regard it as an optimistic and exciting (and gruelling) time.
It should be a chance to either improve some team chemistry or develop players. It should be something of an "either/or" choice. Like a ratio slider between build chemistry vs develop attributes. Teams in "contending" or "buying" status might lean 70/30 more towards building chemistry (i.e. learn plays, bond, etc) and teams in "building/selling" mode might lean more 30/70 towards developing players than chemistry.
Training camp should be it's own dedicated menu/screen between the offseason menu and the next season's calendar. This gives the training camp it's sense of "fresh start, here we go" feeling just before the new season kicks off. From the Training camp screen you can plays scrimmages to practice playsets with your new-look team, and/or play drills with individual players to add something to their game (i.e. Nurkic adding a 3pt shot). The scrimmages and drills should give us real affects! I.e. scrimmages can add team chemistry and drills can add attributes or badges. And give us more than 2 or 3. More like 10. At LEAST 5. So you could choose to have 5 scrimmages and 5 drills. Or 2 scrimmages and 8 drills. Make it so you can simulate it if you want, but make it more rewarding maths wise to play it out.

Also, make the training camp have more affect on attributes, and be more specialized. And make it weighted so that if a player has a really low rating then it increases by more.
For example, say you take a center to 3pt training camp and he has a 30 rating for 3pt, then it could increase to +30 up to 60. Whereas if you took a guy with 90 as his 3pt rating then maybe it only goes up to 93.
This then allows us to add a specialized thing to a player's game, which totally happens in the NBA every offseason. Players add things to their game.

MEDIA INTEGRATION (not social media)
Media are huge part of the NBA landscape. They are the bridge between league and fans. They TELL THE STORY.
Add media entities that react to events/results within the game and also influence the players' morale and/or reputation in certain ways, affect fan opinions as well as paint the narratives of the NBA landscape to the user in more concise ways than social media is currently. Connect the user to the algorithms/narratives that are happening under the hood for ultimate immersion via media.
I'm talking add media personalities or companies as an actual thing in the game in the same way that a staff member is in the game. I.e. Editable people that have a few simple ratings. Maybe badges too?
Different media types: Journalists, Analysts, TV personalities. I.e. maybe each team has a beat writer or 2 with different attributes. Make the game create words based on what's happening under the hood (similar to what's needed in the scouting reports).
Use the media integration for 3 things: 1) Influence player morale, 2) influence reputation with fans, and 3) use it to make the game's algorithms express itself to the user. I.e. is a player unhappy? Headline. Has a team's chemistry gone above 90%? Headline. Did LeBron just pass Kareem on the all-time scoring list? Headline. Does a player want to be more involved in the team's gameplan? Headline. Did a rebuilding team just trade a veteran for picks? Story. Is a team's rivalry increasing? Story. Did a team just fire their coach after a 10 game losing streak? Story. Who was player of the month? MAGAZINE COVER. Who is the MVP race between in February? Story. Did a team just put an unhappy star on the trading block? Headline. Did a TV personality just criticise a team leader? Headline. Is a team rumoured to be targeting a specific player in upcoming FA? Story. Did a team just post the most 3pt makes in NBA history? Headline. Is a player upset about not getting a contract extension? Headline. Who is consensus #1 pick in upcoming draft? Magazine cover. Did a team just change their status from rebuilding to "buying"? Story. Did a player just get a career ending injury? Headline.

All the algorithms under the hood are already there, just present it to the user in interesting ways.
Social media is too oversaturated and overwhelming to bother ever looking at. It's too much.

Also, Specific personality traits should create certain kind of theatre within the media. Please add more personality traits for this.

Also, former players should be able to become analysts after they retire, in the same way that they can become staff members. And former staff members should be able to move to media too.

Allow us to connect with the prospects in actual gameplay. Make it so playable workouts provide more information in game too. Give us a solid amount of workouts. Maybe 10. Most NBA teams have like 30-40 after all.
This should be what gives us data on prospects, rather than the current way. Seeing the data after playing with them feels much more natural rather than just pushing a button and then there's a bunch of information for names you don't have a connection with.

In Toronto, Masai Ujiri builds his roster based on players having ties with each other in the past. That's why the team has good chemistry. Also, players have affinities towards certain teams. So do media members and staff.
Add an extra tab in the player profile section called Relationships or Affinities, this is where you keep track of the affinity levels the player is accumulating. There's a rating from 0 to 100 with the players/staff. 50 is normal/impartial. Less than 50 is negative. Over 50 is positive. (or you could make the rating from -3 to +5 or something like that). E.g. When 2 players spend an entire season together then their affinity levels go up. If a coach wont give a player the playing time his OVR deserves then their affinity levels go down. If 2 players are competing for the same spot in the roster then their affinity levels go down. If a player has a "friendly" badge then he is easy to build an affinity level with. If reserved then harder. Unpredictable could be harder too? If a media member criticizes a player then his affinity level for that media level goes way down. A player might be with a team for 5+ years and develop a 100% affinity with the team and be more likely to work for them as a staff member after he retires.
Player affinity levels with each other and the coach directly affect team chemistry a lot! It also would affect players with a high Loyalty rating, in terms of who they see as worth being loyal to.
Certain personality traits should work well together (easier to accrue affinity), some should not. E.g. A "professional" player might not develop affinity easily with a "spirited" player.
This brings me to my next suggestion...

Add more theatre, depth and authenticity to the game with added player personality traits. The added player personality traits are directly tied to Affinities which is tied to team chemistry. This is the secret sauce of building a winning team.
Personality style/type suggestions:
-Professional (focused, values work and success, probably a basketball lifer, respects the game)
-Spirited (more emotional, probably likes to laugh, soulful and charismatic, values bigger picture of life's journey)
-Tough (likes to assert will, probably talks trash and stares people down, values domination, more of a fighter)
-Respectful (more of a chiller, values relationships, more of a lover)
^That would probably cover it if you want to keep it simple (And if a player has none of those traits then they could just be "Balanced"). So "Tough" types probably aren't develop affinity with "respectful" types easily, but they might get along with Professional types well enough. Professional types might not vibe with Spirited types, but might be okay with the other 2. Etc.

Also, make it so your team has a personality trait too which is based off the main players of the team. The personality trait of the team is what the media uses to describe the team.

__________________________________________________ _________

Under the hood / Algorithm suggestions

Playing time should affect attribute progression more. It should be harder to develop and reach your potential if you're a 12th man. Adversely, players who are given big minutes (i.e. lets say more MPG than their OVR deserves) should be able to reach or exceed their potential. This then adds the element of "farming" in the game, where you give game experience to players you want to be part of your future. The way it is now in 2K19, every player reaches their potential unless they get a major injury, so 5-10 years down the road the league is oversaturated with too much talent which leads to all teams not being able to fit all the good players within their cap, which leads to too many good players left unsigned in FA (i.e. in my current game there are 35 players rated 76-78 OVR unsigned in FA in 2023).
A player's desire for playing time needs to be a factor in the game. I have a feeling it's currently tied to "financial security"? Please unlink it and let it be it's own thing. A player's desire for playing time or not is such a huge force in the NBA. And it should be a dynamic rating that changes over time. I.e. young players with star ambitions and veteran ring chasers.

Coach systems and styles should directly affect player tendencies. If it does already, then make it do it more. I played fantasy basketball every year for the past 12 years. I got pretty good at it. I learned from the best fantasy players, and every season when he's trying to find the best players to draft he first looks at who the coach is of every team. My point is, they affect stats so much! Just look at how Harden's stats changed when Houston hired D'Antoni. And in 2K ML, what's the biggest thing that affects stats? Player tendencies. The algorithm could make it so a Pace&Space coach makes everybody's shot tendency on the team go up +5 or 10, or a Grit and Grind makes everybody's shot tendency go down -5 or 10. Stuff like that. It should go deep too. Like player's attack the basket and 3pt shooting tendency stuff like that should get affected by the coach. A coach with an IQ style preference might make everybody's "flashy pass" tendency go down 5-10. Or a coach with 3pt shooting style preference should make everybody's 3pt tendency go up +5.

FTA's in sim stats among league leaders are too low. The best players in the NBA get 8-10 FTA. The highest in ML is around 7 FTA.

Include coach badges in MyLeague

Add 2 more attributes to coaches. Player development + Relationships. Player development affects attribute development in young players in training. Relationships affects team chemistry.
Why? Some coaches are hired for winning reasons, some coaches are hired for player development reasons, some coaches are hired for team chemistry/realtionship reasons. Reflect this in MyLeague. E.g. a team with a superstar player will probably lean towards a coach whose strength is social/relationships/chemistry and not necessarily X's and O's (Lebron and Ty Lue, Scott Brooks at Thunder, Dwayne Casey at Toronto). A team in rebuilding mode might lean more towards a player who will develop player attributes, but not necessarily X's and O's or team chemistry (Kenny Atkinson in Brooklyn).

Good team chemistry should be a little more elusive than it is now. Having a high team chemistry should be a bit more of a rare and valuable occurance.

Add a magazine or media article that comes out every month or week that summarizes/expresses the league's events. In words, not numbers.

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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K20 Wish List

1) Better jersey/court customization, PLEASE - 10 max image slots are a killer for uniforms especially because there are a lot of specific shorts stripe patterns missing, not to mention the armholes arent exactly the same as the current NBA uniforms. Courts sort of suck because you cant do things like get the correct font on the baselines or sidelines, you cant mimic patterns like most alternate courts nowadays or where the arena name is placed on Milwaukee's new court, no out of bounds color patterns.. We dont have custom warm ups...
Please 2K crew, please and in a feature to upload an entire uniform or court onto NBA2k.com instead of just images to be placed on. A system like PES' option files would be KEY.

Also for here, more rebrand slots.

2) Fully fleshed out Training Camp and Preseason - Preseason and Training Camp can play a huge part of the season. Look at all the storylines, like LeBron with the new-look Lakers, Markkanen injured, Bud giving Giannis the green light on threes, Jimmy wanting out of Minnesota. The preseason and training camp are super important.

3) Playable G-League - Even knowing what you guys said about this before the 2K19 release, I think it's time this makes a return. It would just be nice to have full G-League rosters and being able to play with those young players if you so wish. For the hardcore Simheads, it would be nice playing with these guys knowing how they play and what their tendencies look like in-game, in case they are needed at the NBA level.
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