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Re: My opinion-Madden and All-Pro

Great thoughts by all yous guys but I have to say there are a fair share of weird happenings in both games

In Madden I blitzed with the safety and dove at the QB. He stepped up into the pocket and I obviously missed. Or did I. My safetys left hand touched the QB and he did a weird spinning tackle animation like he'd been shot.

In APF a very common thing to have happen is a player dive but get his legs but then he magically rises up and tackles him.

Glitches happen in all games is the point.
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Re: My opinion-Madden and All-Pro

I rented APF and thought the on the field action was excellent. It's just that I'm money conscience (read: cheap) and just couldn't justify $60 on a bare bones APF. I get bored too easily. APF is guilty of the same thing EA did for Madden 06 which I also didn't touch. I guess you can throw me in the "no franchise=no purchase" camp. If it had most of the features included in 2k5 it would have been a no-brainer purchase.
Madden 08 is solid + is pick up and play fun. You can get into the X's and O's of football here, but it's not required (appeal to casual fans). The turnovers are a bit of a problem, but the game's super fast pace is my chief complaint. Just feels like the entire game is played at a no huddle pace. However, Madden is packed with features in comparison to APF which was the deciding factor for me. The transitional animations are top notch by EA this year as well.
I hadn't bought a non-college football game since 2k5, but got Madden 08 b/c it seems like EA tends to step it up when they have real competition. So far, this is the case for 08 and I'm enjoying it a lot.

Note: I was a last gen Madden ***** and hadn't given next gen Madden a shot until this year.
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Re: My opinion-Madden and All-Pro

You definitely
picked the right year to try madden because this years is much improved.Last year for 360 it was horrible. I think they will release a patch soon for the fumbles.
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Re: My opinion-Madden and All-Pro

Originally Posted by bkrich83
I think there's a lot of truth to that statement.
I don't.
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