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Bryan Clark checks in this week with an article talking about how he wants to see the awareness rating handled for future version of NCAA Football. Be sure to check out his article, NCAA Football: Lets Re-Do the Awareness Rating.
"The awareness rating (AWR) could really use an overhaul. The current setup just doesn’t work as a true representation of how football players learn and grow within the game. This article is my proposal for a complete overhaul of the AWR rating, including suggestions for an accessory rating, and even some additional hidden ratings to base the visible rating on."

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# 1 N51_rob @ 06/09/08 04:51 PM
Good read. I like where you are trying to go with that.
# 2 bgeno @ 06/09/08 05:04 PM
It's an interesting idea and definitely something that would add depth to the game. I hate how the players take such an AWR hit when you move them to a different position. Like you said, some guys can easily move to a different position... especially in college.

I think this bothers me most with Athlete recruits. These guys should be able to switch with very little problem. They'd have FAC ratings over 95, that's for sure.
# 3 bgeno @ 06/09/08 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by ka520
That's what player editor is for.
You cant edit player ratings in dynasty.
# 4 N51_rob @ 06/09/08 09:26 PM
I think that the best use of awareness was in madden and the advent of the vision cone at least for the QB position. It actually showed the difference between guys like Manning and (insert any QB not named Brady here)
# 5 janglar @ 06/09/08 09:54 PM
They should have maturity ratings (these are just 18-22 year old kids), some kind of "dynamic" "headiness" IQ" like rating, leadership rating (helpful towards choosing captains), and a fitness rating (proneness to injuries, recovery capability, stamina in the 4th quarter, stuff like that).
# 6 jaydee6385 @ 06/09/08 10:18 PM
Gret read. George Selvie is a 74 awareness rating. He's soo smart on the football field. That rating to me didn't make too much sense. But I guess its soo low to prevent his 96 rating shoot up to say a 98 or even a 99. I think they need to tweek these ratings.
# 7 RAZRr1275 @ 06/09/08 11:00 PM
I like where your going with this.
# 8 Hellisan @ 06/10/08 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by ka520
That's why you do it before you start your dynasty.
This is mostly for dynasty and incoming players that you recruit, not those that you start with. At least, that's what I was thinking of when I thought it out.
# 9 hustle55 @ 06/10/08 01:06 AM
Good Read!! I hope the guys at EA read this and work on getting it ti the game
# 10 rp71284 @ 06/10/08 02:34 AM
The main problem with the AWR rating is, if you tweek it now, it highly effects the OVR rating.

It should be broken out into different categories, and it should not have the great effect it does on ratings. I'll give EA one credit, as players get older, they don't lose their AWR in Madden.
# 11 bling1202 @ 06/10/08 02:52 AM
good read
# 12 RaychelSnr @ 06/10/08 02:11 PM
Very good idea Helli...I think this is one of the better and more easily implementable ideas I have seen for next years game!
# 13 Sigma4Life @ 06/10/08 08:52 PM
Fantastic idea! Please make sure Ian Cummings reads this.
# 14 Village Idiot @ 06/10/08 08:52 PM
I'll say this much: an EXPERIENCE rating would be awesome.

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