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Gamespot has posted their hands-on preview of Beijing 2008.

"Beijing 2008 uses some rather unorthodox controls, so once you've picked your sport and nation, your first point of call will be to check out the training mode. As you move between sports you'll notice some repetition in the way events are handled from a control standpoint, but given the sheer breadth of choice of sports available, you'll want to watch the tutorial at least once before you attempt having a go. Athletic sprint events use either a rapidly waggled left or right analog stick, or A and B alternating button press combo to build up speed. It can get a bit rough on the wrists and fingers, and we see the potential for a controller or two getting busted along the way given the speed at which you'll need to mash or waggle to be competitive against the game's AI."

Game: Beijing 2008Reader Score: 4.5/10 - Vote Now
Platform: GBA / Mac / NDS / PC / PS2 / PS3 / PSP / Wii / Xbox 360Votes for game: 5 - View All
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