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Competition is good. It holds game developers accountable, inspires new ideas and forces companies to push the envelope year after year. NBA 2K has long been one of my favorite franchises due to my love for basketball, and by extension simulation basketball videogames. As good as it has been however, the series can get a lot better. Though NBA 2K lacks significant competition in its own niche at the time, there is plenty of competition in the genre of sports gaming as a whole.

Borrowing ideas from other sports games (some of their own), and implementing them in the context of NBA 2K, produced the popular My Career mode (via MLB the Show) and the exciting addition of Signature Skills (via All Pro Football). What are some other aspects NBA 2K can borrow to create a better experience? I have a few ideas.

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# 1 d11king @ 10/25/12 11:40 AM
My Crib - NFL 2K5... that would be EPIC

Even could go based on salary (if they get rid of VC), and do like I believe Madden 07, 08 or 09 where you start off in a small apartment and as you work your way up, you get a condo, then a house. Would be fun for myplayer.

Oh and gameface - Madden 12

EDIT: Also, I think the first person cam would be extremely fun for myplayer, taking another page from ESPN NFL 2K5's camera where you were inside the player helmet.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/25/12 11:45 AM
I presume two things. One make a deeper association by adding ticket prices, food prices, etc. Kinda like MVP Baseball 2005 did, a manager aspect to the association if you will

Also, ESPN interface like it used to have in 2k2-2k5. That would be sweet. Like EA has tried to do with their unrealeased NBA titles.
# 3 videobastard @ 10/25/12 11:49 AM
Would be nice if the nba 2k series added a search function like mlb the show where you could search for games with preferred settings.
# 4 BezO @ 10/25/12 12:04 PM
I got a simple one. Analog passing from Madden. The addition of user controlled bounce passes was sweet. Pressure sensitive passing has to be the next step.

Lay up lines / pre-game shoot around & pre-game/season & halftime shows both sound nice too.
# 5 jayman504 @ 10/25/12 12:06 PM
Bring back Pre-Game intros...dim the lights(& Allow custom tracks) and prep the smoke and flames(from the backboards)...

And perhaps allow a pre-game shoot around/lay up drill while commentators talk about the matchups and any other game info
# 6 TeamBuilder @ 10/25/12 12:13 PM
I'd like to see the return of actual faces for drafted rookies (borrow the idea from Madden). It destroys the realism when we have artsy faces and silhouettes.

2K used to have real faces for rookies but for some reason (most likely laziness) they don't have that anymore.
# 7 chadeo23 @ 10/25/12 12:26 PM
everything said here is exactly how I feel. They need to do all of this
# 8 The_Wise_One @ 10/25/12 12:34 PM
Oh how this makes me miss College Hoops 2k8
# 9 statum71 @ 10/25/12 02:12 PM
I thought it was just me.

I having been BEGGING for 2K to implement their College Hoops Tonight feature (from CH2K8) to the NBA game. That is still the coolest presentation feature I've yet to see in a video game.
# 10 agreene7 @ 10/25/12 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by The_Wise_One
Oh how this makes me miss College Hoops 2k8
I wish they would make another college hoops. I'd be happy if the release one every other year or so
# 11 whoahello @ 10/25/12 02:56 PM
Battlefield 3 and Rent-A-Servers LOLOL
# 12 eF 5ive @ 10/25/12 03:10 PM
They should have draft storylines like Madden13. Raising and lowering the stock of some players. Have the goals/schemes for teams also. Tired of seeing cpu teams take players in FA just to put someone like Irving on the back burner.
# 13 Pared @ 10/25/12 03:34 PM
They need to borrow their own ideas and put some time and resources into the online functionality of the game.

The people behind the scenes have really done wonders for its stability. I still think they can be stable AND offer what was once a staple in the series. The new Online Association site is just severely lacking.
# 14 Runne130 @ 10/25/12 04:34 PM
i would like to be able to edit the rotation in pre game or during the game, bAsketball is all about match ups and if ur rotation has a bad defender against kevin durant or lebron, but u have a lockdown guy who only play 15 mins a game why not be able to up his minutes before the game, i understand u can just turn off auto subs, but it happens for the computer too
# 15 Rasco11 @ 10/25/12 04:48 PM
PES Soccer create/edit a player, jersey, stadium (court), face, etc. really distances itself from 2K. In fuctionality and the ability to file share. i think we all agree 2K's create/edit a player really hasnt been touched on since it's inception. This is an overdue improvement if you ask me. I could throw in the "create a league" function PES has as well that would be dang cool for historic seasons, etc.
# 16 chibears96 @ 10/25/12 05:52 PM
2k5 with all the great presentation features like sports center and other features
# 17 biggiejerseys @ 10/25/12 06:13 PM
Owner mode, where you can move your team & stuff along those lines. The coaching carousel from NCAA. Connected Careers from Madden. Smarter AI in association mode.
# 18 JBreezeNY @ 10/25/12 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by eaterofworlds888
I presume two things. One make a deeper association by adding ticket prices, food prices, etc. Kinda like MVP Baseball 2005 did, a manager aspect to the association if you will

Also, ESPN interface like it used to have in 2k2-2k5. That would be sweet. Like EA has tried to do with their unrealeased NBA titles.
Please for the love of god can 2k implement this. I've been saying they need to spice up their association mode & add that in for the longest now.
# 19 Sinner @ 10/25/12 07:24 PM
#1) borrow server and/or online tech....whatever from COD....make it stable

#2) Gameface

#3) Borrow currency from NBA 2k10, 11, 12...in other words get rid of VC

#4) More presentation from previous games like what has been said
# 20 sooperb @ 10/25/12 07:45 PM
The ability to upload an emblem/picture to serve as a logo for a created team would be nice.

The ability to move a team to a different city (Brooklyn).

Ncaa Final Four bracket in MyCareer to solidify draft positioning. How do you play ONE GAME and get picked first?

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