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Editors Note: The following is text prepared by the folks at NLSC and posted in our forums about a new podcast available on their website.

We’re excited to present you with another special episode of the NLSC Podcast this week, featuring our highly anticipated second interview with NBA Live 15 Executive Producer, Sean O’Brien! Our community submitted lots of questions for Sean and we did our best to ask as many of them as possible, as once again he was very open and candid in his responses. Some of the topics we discussed include:
  • The decision to push back NBA Live 15’s release, and the work that’s been done in the additional weeks of development time.
  • The demo/early access dates, and what those trial versions will entail.
  • Key improvements in this year’s game, at both ends of the court.
  • What features are on the cards for next year, and why certain features couldn’t be included this year (such as sliders).
  • Some of the community’s most commonly asked questions about NBA Live 15.
  • And much more!
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Member Comments
# 1 oneHova @ 10/17/14 08:44 PM
This podcast was meaty but too drawn out. Basically Sean O'Brien states that Their team at Tibouron was fueled and geared for a complete fundamental makeover. With Live 15 it's gameplay mechanics/animations, will engage all of their future progressions in the series!
# 2 zmoney117 @ 10/18/14 12:05 AM
Hope sliders are a focus next year as well....
# 3 22cedric @ 10/18/14 08:12 AM
Sliders are stated to be included in NBA Live 16.
# 4 El_Poopador @ 10/18/14 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Live2K
Small recap

Demo experience will be different for each system. X1 trial/ps4 demo.

Physics for all shots not just the paint

Delay worked on overall balance, control, presentation and fluidity. Ex late game AI

Lag online fixed

Better defense and ability to defend the paint.

Next year focus so far
Off ball experience
Online team play and modes
Does that mean the XB1 won't get a normal demo, but only the EA Access trial?
# 5 Jano @ 10/18/14 11:29 AM
Interesting question... I'm not sure. In the podcast he never States whether or not there will be a demo for the XBOne.

But I'm sure it'll be safe to assume there will be one alongside the PS4. If they didn't release it on both consoles that would be an odd choice indeed.

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# 6 seanhazz1 @ 10/18/14 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by El_Poopador
Does that mean the XB1 won't get a normal demo, but only the EA Access trial?

Looks like EA access before launch date, public demo on both systems on the launch date, so you can still play befit you buy if you choose.
# 7 DIRK41NOWITZKI @ 10/18/14 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by Live2K
Believe they said they will be doing twitch broadcast too next week.

Where did they say this?

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# 8 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 10/18/14 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by DIRK41NOWITZKI
Where did they say this?

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I didn't see that either . The ea sports NBA account did favorite a tweet about w stream though
# 9 Basketball Nate @ 10/18/14 07:21 PM
Said it before on here but they definitely need to showcase the game themselves to the public on Twitch before the EA Access on the 23rd.
# 10 Walt Frazier @ 10/19/14 03:04 AM
Attrociously bad interview. Andrew seems like a nice fella, but he needs to learn how to control an interview.

20 mins in and he had basically not asked a single question and allowed O'Broen to gibber on with excuses for the past and analogies about the clippers.

Why are there no gameplay videos yet? Surely that was a relevant starting point.

I gave up.

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