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3 on 3 NHL Arcade Fact Sheet
Product Description

EA SPORTS Freestyle™ welcomes you to the fast paced world of arcade hockey. From the same team that brought you the critically acclaimed NHL 09 comes 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, an experience, that throws conventional hockey, and its rules, out the window. 3 on 3 NHL Arcade will be available by download only on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.

Choose from 40 of the NHL’s top players and bring them into this no rules hockey extravaganza where big heads and big hits take centre stage. With a faster pace and loads of open ice, 3 on3 Arcade will allow gamers unfamiliar with hockey to have a blast learning the game without the restriction of penalties or stoppages in play. Shrink your opponent’s goalie or give yourself lightning quick shots. With game changing power-ups littering the ice, it’s easy to see why this is not your typical simulation experience.

3 on 3 NHL Arcade will feature two separate control schemes to appeal to players of all skill levels. The critically-acclaimed Skill Stick system returns to give advanced players the most realistic hockey videogame controls available, while players new to the series can jump right into the action with the new easy-to-use button controls.

Take a winning formula, throw out all the rules, add some game changing power-ups and you’re left with a hockey experience that gamers of all types will love.

Key Features

·         Power-ups— When you see a giant skating down the ice, you’ll realize this is not traditional hockey. With eight different power-ups, from speed skating to giant goalie, on-ice mayhem is the only guarantee

·         Online Game Modes – Play against a friend one-on-one online or with up to three players a side. With leaderboards and ranked/unranked match options, 3on 3 NHL Arcade is an experienced best shared.

·         Button Controls3 on 3 NHL Arcade will feature two separate control schemes. The Skill Stick featured in the past three NHL titles, and all new button controls. With everything mapped to the face buttons, including all new trick moves, players of all skill levels will be able to jump right into the action.

·         Trick Moves - The new control scheme introduces trick moves and spin moves to the world of NHL. Spin out of the way of an oncoming check before batting the puck out of the air and past a diving goalie.

·         Unique Presentation—Bright lights and big heads make their way to the NHL franchise. Featuring exaggerated player looks, and a miniature rink, 3 on 3 boasts a unique and lighthearted tone throughout.

·         Player Types—3 on 3 NHL Arcade splits 40 of the top NHL players, representing every team in the league, into three distinct player types. Fast players specialize in dangling, Strong players bring extra power to their hits, while All-around players play a solid two-way game of hockey.

·         Check Hard, Really Hard— The all-new physics-based checking engine introduced in NHL 09 makes a return in 3 on 3 NHL Arcade with one slight difference, every hit is huge. Hit a guy just right and don’t be surprised to see him fly across the length of the ice. 

Product Specifications

Publisher:    Electronic Arts Inc.
Developer:   EA Canada
Ship Date:   February 4, 2009 
Rating:        Rating Pending

* INTERNET CONNECTION required to download and for online play.

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