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Top Duos in NBA Jam: OFE

The dream team era of basketball is discerningly prevalent in NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. Players such as Hakeem “The Dream”, Dr. J, Magic and others all make appearances, combining their star power in a two-on-two format. Here are some of the top tandems you will be able to employ as your squad to battle with, along with strategy in defeating these powerful duos in JAM’s Road Trip. 

Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning
Key Ratings
LJ: Dunk 9, Catch 7, Strength 7, 3pt 6
Mourning: Block 10, Strength 10, Dunk 9

Larry “Grandmama” Johnson and Alonzo Mourning form one of the strongest tandems in the JAM: OFE. Fresh in his tight nit teal jersey, LJ boasts his signature one handed hammer jam. Both players sport the black high top sneakers made famous by the Fab Five from Michigan in the early 90s. But what makes the duo so loveable, is that these two are all about defense and dunks. Zo, being one of the greatest shot blockers of his era, is a monster in the paint; LJ supplies the outside offense when he has to, knocking down elbow and corner 3s. The two possess power and strength and do their best work in the paint on both ends of the floor. 

Keys to defeating this duo: Utilize a shot blocker in the paint to stop the dunk fest. Add a perimeter swing player to shoot 3s and steal the ball with speed. Try using the Lakers with Kobe and Gasol.

Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant
Key Ratings
Durant: 2pt 9, 3pt 8, Dunk 8, Speed 7, Steal 7
Westbrook: Speed 9, Dribble 8, Dunk 7, 3pt 6

Currently the most deadly combo in the association next to LeBron and Wade is KD35 and Russel Westbrook. Westbrook is the new age point guard: durable, quick and explosive. He can finish dunks over the best defenders in JAM. His quickness provides this tandem with a strong defense. Durant may be the most unstoppable player in this title with his high arcing shot, unleashed from anywhere on the court. Durant’s size allows him to shoot over anybody, and his speed and dunk ability make him the ultimate offensive weapon. 

Keys to defeating this duo: Overpower Durant and Westbrook with a pair of bigs with speed and defense. Amare and Carmelo can keep up with the Thunder’s scoring, while overpowering KD in the paint. 

Larry Bird and Ray Allen
Key Ratings
Bird: 3pt 10, Catch 10, 2pt 9, Pass 8
Allen: 3pt 10, Catch 9, 2pt 8, Speed 7

Bird and Allen can certainly make it rain from up to 25 feet with ease in JAM: OFE. Larry Legend maintains a tall frame to raise up and launch into his unorthodox 3-point shot. Most point guards will have trouble defending him along the arc. Ray’s silky smooth jumper is also high rising, just enough to soar above the prototypical two and three guards in the association. Controlling the ball and executing in the half court will benefit this Celtics squad that lacks speed and defense. Set picks and use pump fakes against faster and stronger defenses. If that fails, resort to launching 3-point bombs from just inside the half court logo. 

Keys to defeating this duo: A combo of speed, size and power. LeBron and Wade or Evan Turner and Andre Iguadala will give the Celtics fits along the arc, forcing the Celtics into contested treys. 

LeBron and Wade
Key Ratings
James: Dunk 10, Speed 8, Strength 8, Pass 7, 3Pt 7
Wade: Speed 9, 2pt 9, Steal 7, 3Pt 7, Dunk 6

LeBron and Wade can match up against any duo NBA JAM: OFE throws at them. The ultimate tag team and new villains of the NBA sport black and crimson red for the Miami Heat. The King will create many blow-byes with his speed, freeing him up for a 3 or a monster jam. LeBron’s dunk power allows for throw-downs on the best defending bigs in the league. Not to be outdone, D. Wade’s speed and defense provide steals whenever you send the AI. Wade after the ball (pressing the left bumper). The Flash’s 3-pointer is adequate from deep, and deadly from the corner. Sporting his Air Jordan 2011’s, Wade can effortlessly reenact his Fly Wade commercials in NBA Jam: OFE and hunt down anyone on a fast break for a clean block off the glass.

Keys to defeating this duo: You will need some size and scoring power to keep up with South Beach’s finest. Try using Dirk and Jamal Mashburn to light up the court while providing some strength to counter the Heat’s dunk ability. Another great defensive squad is the Bulls with Pippen and Rose, speed, length, and high rate steal ability.

Shaq and Dwight Howard
Key Ratings 
Shaq: Dunk 10, Block 10, Strength 10, Speed 6
Howard: Dunk 10, Block 10, Strength 10

Shaq grazes the court as the blue beast in a black Magic jersey with the silver pin stripes - the court his dominion. Not many men in history can stop the emphatic dunks of Shaq and Dwight, who launch any guards in their way into the laps of fans in the front row. To add to it, Shaq and D12 possess speed to match with their size and power ratings, swatting everything in sight. Like he did in early 90s, Shaq will shatter the glass on you wearing his original number 32.

Keys to defeating this duo: Quickness and power. Think CP3’s top rated steal rating matched with Zo’s defense and jam power.

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Member Comments
# 1 ojandpizza @ 01/06/12 04:41 PM
I'm pretty much unstoppable with Bird and Allen, or Payton and Kemp, Kemp and Payton get steals like crazy lol
# 2 mlr1 @ 01/06/12 05:52 PM
Javale McGee/John Wall
Dirk/J Kidd
Steph Curry/Monta Ellis
# 3 YoungBuck3 @ 01/07/12 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by ojandpizza
I'm pretty much unstoppable with Bird and Allen, or Payton and Kemp, Kemp and Payton get steals like crazy lol
There's more Bird/Allen users on this than there are Heat users on 2K zzzzzzzzz.

Usually roll with Zo and CP3
# 4 jyoung @ 01/10/12 05:12 PM
Shame that we can't roll with CP3 and Blake Griffin due to the lack of a roster update.

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