The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

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The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

All right, this is my new GM dynasty. My other one, Fate and Fortune: The Andy McCutcheon Story, had to end unfortunately due to a bad save file. As much work as I put into that one, this one looks to be even better if all goes as I have it in my head. This will be a 30 team controlled chise (as to properly implement certain things). Here are the vitals:

Rosters: Default
Sliders: Custom
Quarter Length: 11 Minutes
Sim Quarter Length: 12 Minutes
Draft Class: SuperMario_29
Season Length: 82 Games
Playoff Format: 7-7-7-7
Injuries: On
Progressive Fatigue: On
Player Roles: Off
Team Chemistry: On
CPU Trades: Off
Trade Override: Off

What I said in my previous GM dynasty applies just as much here, if not more so. We're going to be focusing on all the personnel dynamics, off the court stuff, and pretty much everything else involved in running a team. Consider this a show of sorts ... we're gonna have main characters, recurring characters, and guest stars galore. I'm starting out with a team I hope to stick with for the long term, but I won't rule out moving on to a different team should storyline/game reasons dictate as such. The NBA is a fluid league and I aim to keep it that way.

I'll play roughly a third of the games and simulate the other two-thirds, so as to keep things interesting. Any and all comments are welcome-bad, good, what have you-and I hope you people enjoy.

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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story


The thunder sounded overhead as he got out of his car. Rain was coming … he could feel it in his knee. He rubbed it gently for a moment, conceding to the pain, before removing his hand as his personal security guard, Ed, arrived by his side.

Ed was, as usual, not very talkative. He followed orders and kept a constant watch over the environment. He didn’t like the idea of a security guard … he didn’t like the idea that he needed to be protected. But there were lunatics out there in the world and his survival was paramount. He had children to care about. He had businesses to run.

Most importantly, he had championships to win.

“Let’s go,” he said with little enthusiasm. This was not a meeting a he was looking forward to.

It never was.

The two proceeded from the car to the empty bar where this meeting was taking place. It was closed today … well, closed to all but a select few.

They entered the bar with little fanfare and found their fellow guest had arrived. He took a seat across from him as Ed took up a position directly beside him. His eyes were locked onto his counterpart on the other side of the table.



The two men stared at one another in silence for a moment. Michael’s eyes swept over Vinnie and he found himself disgusted. The man had clearly been enjoying himself … he’d put on at least twenty pounds since they last met nearly two years ago. He had let himself go.

Vinnie smirked. “Admiring me?”

“We’re here to talk business.”

Vinnie waved him off like a fly. “Business, business … is that all this is to

you? We’re friends, Mike, friends.”

Michael leaned back in the booth. “We’re not.”

“We are,” Vinnie insisted as he poured himself a shot of whiskey. He offered some but Michael refused: this wasn’t a get together for friends. This was a business arrangement … an unfortunate one, but one he had to keep.

He took a steadying breath. Losing his temper wouldn’t do anything here. He had met more frustrating individuals before. He dealt with them. He could deal with Vinnie. “What do you want?”

Vinnie smirked again. His chubby face seemed to like smirking. “I have news from the family.”

Michael’s eyes showed surprise. “What do they want?”

“They want you to win, Michael. If you win, we win,” Vinnie said as he downed another shot. “Right now, your team isn’t winning.”

“I’m aware of that,” he said in a low tone. He didn’t need to be reminded of that fact. “Building a team is a process.”

“Oh, we agree with that.” Vinnie snapped his fingers and his guard dropped a packet of files on the table. “But we’re not satisfied with the job your front office is doing.”

Michael narrowed his eyes at Vinnie. “You forced me to hire Cho.”

Vinnie nodded. “We did and we were wrong about him. Look at what he’s done … the past two drafts had some definable talent in it that has slipped through our fingers.” He tapped the packet of files on the table. “We’ve decided it’s time to move in a new direction. Cho has not satisfied us with his picks. Biyombo was a waste and Kemba is so-so. Both drafts had talent that, if we took it, would be giving us more wins.”

Michael clenched his fists. “You want me to hire another GM? In the middle of the year, weeks before the deadline?”

Vinnie chubby face smirked again. God, he hated that smirk. “Yes. We want Cho gone and we want to move in a new direction. These files here,” he said while tapping them again, “have every member of your new front office staff selected.”

That was it. Michael stood from his seat and thunderously slammed his open palm onto the table. “I own this team, not you!”

Thunder sounded outside again, this time with a flash of lightning. Within

moments rain began to fall, splattering against the building.

Vinnie’s smirk didn’t disappear. “We own you, Michael. You own the team and we own you.”

The sudden burst of adrenaline, of anger, dissipated. Vinnie was right.

That’s how it worked, that’s how it always worked.

He sat back down and frowned. “How is this going to work any better than before?”

“The family has brought in an expert at this sort of thing. Turning a losing franchise like this around requires the right people in the right places. We’ve found those people this time.”

“And if you’re wrong?”

“Then you fire them and we start again,” Vinnie said easily. “It’s no skin off our nose.”

He was right. The family wouldn’t suffer. But he would. The league already considered him a joke of an owner … his peers had mixed opinions at best about him.

With reluctance he reached over and grabbed the packet. He looked over it and his eyes immediately shot back up to Vinnie. “You can’t be serious.”

“We are. He’s your new GM.”

Vinnie wasn’t known for jokes. The family wasn’t known for jokes.

But this … this had to be a joke. “I’m already a laughing stock, the team is already a joke, and you want me to do … this?” Michael angrily threw the packet back onto the table. “What’s his connection?”

Vinnie stood from the table. “It doesn’t matter. The family wants him as the GM and he will be your GM.”

Michael stood up again. “I’m not putting some young punk in charge of my front office!”

“His qualifications are there,” Vinnie said as he put his rain jacket on.

“What qualifications? He’s bounced around teams since he got of college three years ago; he’s nothing but a scout!”

“A scout with an eye for talent,” Vinnie shot back. His smirk had

disappeared and been replaced with an annoyed scowl. “Don’t argue with

us, Michael … we’ve been through this before. Do as you’re told or we reveal your very nasty past sins.”

Michael stared at him. This wasn’t the first time that threat was made. He had called their bluff before.

His wife divorced him soon after and took a big chunk of change with her.

Vinnie patted him on the shoulder. “This kid is a talent. He identified Kyrie Irving for the Cavs. He helped find Paul George for the Pacers. He’s got skills. We need him to win.”

Michael removed Vinnie’s hand from his shoulder. “He’s too young.”

“Please,” Vinnie said dismissively. “No one is too young in the NBA. If 19-year-olds can be making millions of dollars on the court, 25-year-olds can make hundreds of thousands in the front office. Give the kid his salary, give him this staff, and watch him work. We’ll have a winner sooner rather than later.”

“And if we don’t?”

Vinnie smirked again. “Then we’ll try again.” With that, he and his guard left the bar.

Michael stared after them. “Damn them to hell,” he mumbled.

“Mr. Jordan, we should leave,” Ed said without hesitation. He didn’t like being the last ones in a building.

Michael nodded, picked up the packet, and the two headed back outside.

They got into the car and left the area, heading back to his home.

Angrily, he opened the packet of files again and stared at his new GM.

“Ronnie Gold,” Michael seethed. The family was putting this kid in this position for some reason. Why?

Whatever that reason, Michael would find out.

No matter what the cost.

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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

Im still upset about your other file... but this one seems just as good so far.
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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

Originally Posted by DarkOutFront
Im still upset about your other file... but this one seems just as good so far.
I have high hopes for this one. A lot of elements will come into play here and make this story a different beast all together from Andy's story. Thanks for the comment, more to come tomorrow. Stay tuned
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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

Awesome glad you picked the bobcats. Can't believe you think Biyombo as garbage though great defender
Cal is turning more guys into millionaires than wall-street.

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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story



He jumped at hearing his name and shot a glare toward his boss’s office.

What was his deal now? He turned his attention back to his computer and got back to typing his notes. Whatever Don’s problem, it could wait.

“GOLD!” Don screamed from his office again.

No one in the cramped room jumped. No one gave it much mind. Don had a tendency to scream. A lot.

Ronnie put the finishing touches on his notes, saved the file, and headed to Don’s office.

The man’s face was pale, his eyes bloodshot. He wasn’t sleeping well of late. He was trying to give up smoking.

Again. This was the sixth time by Ronnie’s count. Don was going to fail just like he had before but he was a stubborn SOB.

“You needed me, boss?”

Don jammed a finger towards the chair in front of his desk. “Close the damn door too,” he said as he took out two cigarettes.

Ronnie did as he was told and sat down. He watched in utter fascination as Don lit both cigarettes, stuck them in his mouth, and began to smoke them.

Something was going on and Ronnie’s defenses were up.

I’m getting fired again, he thought angrily. He had kept his head down this time. He didn’t question anyone and he didn’t ruffle any feathers. He watched as the organization made some dumb moves and kept his mouth shut.

And he was going to get canned.

“Look … I don’t know how to say this,” Don said as he took both cigarettes out of his mouth. He was noticeably calmer now with the nicotine coursing through his system. “I got a phone call from up top, way high up …”

“I’m out,” Ronnie concluded. It figured. He played things like everyone told him to and he still got screwed.

Don stared at him a second before shaking his head. “Someone big wants to talk to you.”

“Someone … big?”

Don took another puff from his two cigarettes. “That’s all I’m allowed to say.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk. “Go there, now. You’ll know who you’re meeting when you see him.”

Ronnie picked up the paper and looked at Don with suspicion. “This is weird.”

“You’re telling me,” he said as he finished his cigarettes. “Get going … and just say yes.”

“To what?”

Don pointed out the door and took out more cigarettes. Whatever was going on had him on edge.

Ronnie stood, shot Don one last look, and headed out of the office.

The drive to this little restaurant wasn’t exciting but it was nerve wracking. What was going here? Don wasn’t normally someone who needed to smoke two cigarettes at the same time nor was his someone who got visible shaken.

He pulled into the restaurant parking lot and saw a man sitting at an outside table, on the patio.

His jaw dropped and his heart began beating faster than he ever thought possible.

Don’s words played through his mind over and over. Just say yes … just say yes … just say yes.

The eyes of the greatest basketball player to ever grace the game found his way to him.

Ronnie froze, for just a moment, and stared back at those eyes.

And then his hand found his way to the door handle and he was moving. Out of his car and to the table.

Michael Jordan’s eyes followed him all the way.

He sat down across from him. “It’s an honor,” he managed to say, his voice a little higher than usual.

Jordan nodded for a moment before cocking his head slightly to the side. “I expected you to be older looking.”

Ronnie flashed an embarrassed grin. “I got the gift of youth,” he said with a shrug. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I get mistake for a college freshman while scouting on a campus.”

There was a small chuckle but Jordan’s eyes didn’t show amusement. That look … Ronnie had seen it before in ESPN Classic games. That was a serious look, a look that meant he was about to do something big. “You’ve heard what I did to my front office.”

“You nuked them,” Ronnie said before he could catch himself.

Jordan didn’t laugh but his eyes did light up in amusement. “I let them go. They tried to their jobs but they didn’t exactly succeed.” He looked away for a moment before looking back at Ronnie. “I want you as my general manager.”

Ronnie stared at him. He couldn’t have heard what he just heard. “I’m sorry?”

“Be my GM.”

The words buzzed around his head. GM? Of an NBA team?

Of this NBA team?

“But … why?”

Jordan didn’t hesitate. “I have certain people who have a great faith in you. I’ve done my research … I’ll take a chance. If I don’t, someone else will. I’d rather you work for me than someone else.”

Ronnie nodded but his mind was flying.

The Bobcats were horrid. They were a joke.

But he could make them at least respectable. Hell, he couldn’t do worse.

Just say yes, he repeated in his mind.

“I accept.”

Jordan extended his hand,

Ronnie shook it.

His time was now.

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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

trekfan is back! Followed the second I saw the thread. Heck yeah!
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Re: The Gold Standard: The Ronnie Gold Story

Followed the last one and this one will be doing the same! Great work as always
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