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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

This is addressed to Matt10 and the people using his sliders. And I big thank you to Matt10 for your contributions to the slider community for Madden. Please respond and I appreciate all the responses.

It would help if you don't use rosters with trait changes.

Thank you.

I'm looking for some feedback for the main forum. I'm not seeing these issues on a continuous basis using sliders in the slider forum and would like some clarification from the people using Matt10 sliders. I hope some of you are able to weigh in. Matt, your feedback is welcome too. Thank you.

the physics are terrible..warping dbs still magically stopping so the wr can get a step..end zone awareness issues..wrs brain dead and not active..too many one on one wwe tackles..rb jukes and awful vision.

Do some of these issues/concerns happen once in a while? Do they occur every other play, etc........?

rbs with a wide open sideline juke back into the flow of traffic?..db after press coverage get a slight hitch which enables wrs to get open?..lbs and dbs literally warping to the ball jumping with insane verticals and eyes behind their heads?..dbs freezing within 5 yrds of the end zone endline..rbs jogging to the hole after getting a handoff and on lower speeds getting a hitch pause?.one one one wwe tackles with a 170 lb db on a powerback?..ol just freezing in place on a pass block?..wonky excessive cuts by the rb and wonky qb spin outs and turnarounds from the qb?

Sorry for the interruptions, post your sliders first Matt10 and when you have a NY minute, feel free to address the issues posted in the main forum.
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Woot Woot!!! The hype real
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

⏭ Slider Update Log

10/7/18 - Here is Version 17.

First off, what a great patch update we had for October. It solidified a lot of the issues the original sliders were aiming to accomplish. Very happy with it.

With that said, it did put a wrinkle in some of the areas that I was focused on, in particular the passing and running defense. I started to see a lot of "disconnect" with Version 16 on this patch update. Not necessarily a bad thing, because that means just a threshold change needs to be done. The problem with threshold adjustments is you now have to compensate for it, which can take A LOT of games, most of them being the same ones over and over again.

Hope you guys enjoy. Here's Version 17.
*Note, there are no changes to Special Teams or Penalty slider values.*

⏭ Game Settings

If you provide feedback, please advise of any modifications you have done from this OP set. Also, please include if you are providing feedback on All-Madden or All-Pro. Thank you!

Skill Level: All-Pro or All-Madden

Game Speed: Normal

Game Style: Simulation

Quarter Length: 9 minutes

Accelerated Clock: Off

⏭ Gameplay Helpers

Ball Carrier Special Move: Manual

Defensive Auto Strafe: Off

Defensive Ball Hawk: Off

Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off

Defensive Switch Assist: Off

⏭ Game Options

Injuries: 13
Kudos to Tommy again for these as it allows such a nice balance of entire game injuries, temporary injuries, different severity, just good overall mixture.

Fatigue: 50
With the patch update, the 50 fatigue is perfect now. The stamina gauge doesn't deplete with the slow down animation anymore, so I'm much happier with seeing this to come back up.

Min Player Threshold: 40
Big bump from 30 because the game needed to get tighter, and the animations needed to be more contextual. I didn't want to have to increase tackling from under 40, so in accepting that, the threshold had to go up a bit more. In addition, the pass coverage started to get too open, and too many stopping on the routes that didn't make sense. Happy with where it's at finally.

⏭ Player/CPU Skill Settings
*Community PC file: "Matt10V17" (pending, tbd)
*Community PS4 file: "Matt10V17" (pending, hosted by Escobar)

QB Accuracy: 40/40 All-Pro (40/35 All Madden)
The lowest QBA I've had it this entire thread, and simply I wanted better ball physics and variety from the QBs. I think NFL QBs take less chances down field, so check downs need to be contextual, and when they do take shots deep, it's not inch-perfect from a sub 80 deep throw QB. I also want their decision making in the pocket to be important because post patch the pass blocking values are going to make a big difference. *The CPU QB is a bit too automatic on All-Madden, which is why this was lowered. If you go under 35, it seems the QBs start to instantly try to get out of the pocket, and also noticed some weird animations where the QB is looking to the sidelines as they're being pressured, instead of staying downfield or looking to extend the play.*

Pass Blocking: 40/35
I really want pressure on the QB on All-Pro and All-Madden respectively. I didn't want every PA pass to become an instant sack either. As everyone knows, pass blocking is so critical to the QB completion percentages, so like I said I want this to make a big difference where necessary.

WR Catch: 48/48
Wanted this higher than 45, but not so high that every catch is a diving animation and one handed catch. Instant hits should be drops, relevant to the catch in traffic ratings.

Run Blocking: 50/52
User stays where it's at, but CPU gets a significant drop because post patch is fantastic running now. Goodness, it's a thing of beauty to see the CPU run the ball. Yes, sometimes you will see the questionable hole hit, but at least they're much more direct. This RBL value increase is just enough to make the user not feel bad for calling blitz every down (your choice) and stuffing the CPU run, but also putting the emphasis back on not having to hope the CPU puts up respectable numbers.

Fumbles: 52/52
Found that this is a good value, relevant to the tackle, RBL and threshold values. It's enough to make the RB hit the hole, but not spin unnecessarily when confronted. Receivers need to be threatening after the catch as well.

Pass Defense Reaction Time: 35/35
I tested this value the most post-patch. I assumed keeping it at 50 would be perfect because of how good the patch has been. Unfortunately, relevant to the other values, it didn't work, so stuck with what I know, and started to see much better reactions as soon as the ball is in the air - but not to the point where the defenders are psychic and making a move to the ball as soon as it is released.

Interceptions: 35/35
Dropped this one a bit from 40 because defenders were choosing the intercept animation instead of deflecting passes.

Pass Coverage: 35/35
Another value I looked at for quite a bit because it just wasn't tight enough on 50 ad higher. Back to what I know, and the lower values seem to really bring reel it back in. What I like the most is that the QBs are smarter, and they try to extend the play as much as possible when no receivers are open.

Tackling: 38/38
I love this value, which is why it hasn't changed. Like I said above, the main focus of this set was to get the threshold higher so the animations are contextual. I got tired of seeing warping tackling animations on the lower thresholds. As much as it was very smooth when it was good, it just wasn't staying that way consistently.

⏭ Special Teams

FG Power: 55/55
I've said it before, but I like that "oomph!" in the kick. This not only allows that to happen, but it allows the accuracy value to be modified under 50 as well so there are no random driven soccer kicks into the crossbar.

FG Accuracy: 48/48
As mentioned above, this value can be lowered to create that random chance of a miss by the guys with the most pressure on their shoulders. As a former kicker myself, I had to give some realistic "love" to them.

Punt Power: 48/48
May have mentioned it before, but this value is super sensitive. There is a 10-yard glitch though that happens when punting into the wind, so just be on the lookout with those. However, I did want less powered punts into the endzone that would get the punter fired on the spot if he did once in a game, let alone the multiple times this game allows it.

Punt Accuracy: 51/51
If they're going to lose a little bit of power, let's make them a tad accurate on their punts so they're going for the coffin corner punts a bit more - or at least trying to.

Kickoff Power: 48/48
Good value here to get the ball struck perfectly through the endzone, or come up short of the goal-line.

⏭ Penalties

All Penalties Set to Default 50 or ON
As I said, I have enjoyed modifying the gameplay by using the power of the penalty sliders with a zero threshold, but that became a bit of a balancing act that got a bit over my head and patience. It skewed feedback because not only was I relying on feedback of the gameplay sliders, I also needed to receive confirmation that the penalty values were also adhered to. This became a sense of second guessing and inconsistency as a result. I believe having these as default are good for the set, but definitely adjust them as you see fit.
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders


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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

So pumped! Loading up madden now. THank you for your hard work/time Matt. Thank you!
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

So far so good, excellent work as always. keep it up!
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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Thanks Matt, these look great! Appreciate all the time you put into understanding and tweaking sliders.
I played a whole CFM season with version 16 and loved the overall variety. Most games were tight, some I blew out and others I was blown out. Was able to win the SB in the end but just barely.
The most important things IMO are the CPU AI and keeping ratings relevant and I think you are able to balance both very well. Looking forward to using these for another challenging season.

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Re: Matt10's Madden 19 Sliders

Sliders are uploaded as MATT10V17. I will stream a game in a few. Restarted my Oilers franchise since the last one got corrupted and I found out how to fix the custom draft class scouting glitch.
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