CFM - SO many 80+ RBs

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Re: CFM - SO many 80+ RBs

Originally Posted by truedat79
Also i think that sometimes the oline doesn't get enough credit for a good rushing attack as compared to the rb. Not always but i would use the rams as a prime example.
I would agree with this, in regards to the Jags as well. Look at their OLine ratings in the last update despite the season Fournette/Ivory had running the ball there
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Re: CFM - SO many 80+ RBs

Originally Posted by tdawg3782
When I was doing my XP Slider tests when this first came out this my first observation that seemed way off. Default roster has a **** ton of 80+ HBs. All other positions are pretty normal for the most part. But for whatever reason HBs are loaded. Later on in your CFM when these guys get filtered out and it's mostly draft class players it get much better. Really only solution is to go in and manually knock down some ratings (ie carry and bcv).

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I think the problem with that as well is that cpu only upgrades bcv, car, and awr. And it makes sense too since most of the other upgrades are significantly more expensive. Itís not hard to raise a rbís overall in this game but youíll hardly actually improve his skills unless you focus one like juke, spin, stiff arm. Itís near impossible to even upgrade trucking or elusiveness which isnít fair imo because you pretty much have to wait for roster updates or youíll get stuck with whatever backs you have. This includes rookie generated rbs aswell which in my experience rarely have elite trucking and/or elusiveness stats say on par with the David Johnsonís or leveon bellís. The rating just get inflated by those 3 skills I mentioned earlier(bcv, car, awr) that I donít think we actually have that many good runningbacks anyways.

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