The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

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Old 09-14-2008, 05:23 PM   #9
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

99% of my things are graphical related. But of the non-graphics stuff, I say to please don't monkey too much by adding new control schemes, trading cards, etc. That stuff is just fluff and takes away from the core elements. Baseball gamers are hard-core and we want the most realistic, challenging game possible. Put the extra fluff in the Wii version if you must, but if it means removing some fluff in exchange for a better, smoother on-field experience, then great!

1) Please move back towards the 2K7 graphical look. 2K8 player models, faces, lighting, grass/field textures, stadiums, it all took a hit.
2) Keep giving us more signature styles. 2K8 had the most unique styles in the history of the series, and some were just perfect. So keep it up!
3) Please update the player portraits. There are far too many that are completely outdated. They even went backwards with Bobby Abreu, in 2K8 with a Phillies hat, yet 2K7 had him in Yankee colors. *On that note, is there a way with player portraits and your relationship with MLB that they could be downloaded by the xbox/ps3 users? Maybe put them on marketplace and charge a small amount? People would probably pay for a monthly update of player portraits. Stuff like that adds so much to the game. Or a way to have player portraits change based on the team they are on in the game, somehow changing the color scheme on the player hat when they move?
5) PLEASE work on the frame rate. Getting a player on second base almost always meant a big drop in frame rate in 2K8. Choppy frame rate was an issue in 2K7, but it was much worse in 2K8.
6) Please update your alternate jerseys. Especially give the user the ability to play with alternates on the road. Except for a few teams, a lot of them do in fact wear dark alternates on the road.
7) Crowd noise. Please make sure that the crowd pipes up at the appropriate times. If Big Papi delivers a double in the 8th to give the Sox the lead, the Fenway crowd goes ballistic in real life. Please see if you can put that in the game?
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Graphics need a major update. 2k7 graphics were good.
1)Smooth 60fps
2)Graphics PLEASE!!! Needs a major update. Use the AA. There's no reason we should see jaggies while playing on an HDTV.
3)New commentators PLEASE!!!!!! with some emotion.(Dave O'Brian or Joe Buck).
4)crowd interactions and difference between october and june baseball.
5)Better animations.
6)Better franchise mode. Involving sale of merchandise etc.
7)keep the controls simple(I was not feeling the new controls)Keep the throwing meters.
8)Love the signature stuff. Keep it coming.
9)Better ball physics.
It would be great to see a post game show with player interviews or even weekly shows showing highlights of the week in franchise. This is something that's never been done on a baseball game.
NBA2K is the standard of sports games period.
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Here are my suggestions:

Improve the framerate. Make the game smoother to play. the stuttering is pretty disappointing.

The pitching mechanics are fantastic. It makes the game challenging. My problem is the meatball. Meatballs shouldn't always be crushed for homers. Ill-timed sliders/change ups/curveballs should not be 90 mph meatballs. They should be obvious balls out of the strike zone. Obvious in the way that the batter would not mistakenly swing at the pitch. This would result in more bases on balls. There should also be more of a disparity in control between an elite pitcher and a #4 or #5 starter.

I like the hitting control. I'd like more of an aiming system. Zone hitting seems to be the more popular term. I'm just not sure how you'd be able to incorporate this style of hitting using the right stick.

For online play, I'd like the ability to use custom sliders for unranked games against my buddies. I'm sure that if this option existed in the current game, there'd be less homers off meatballs.

I love the aerial fielding camera. The animations are awesome! I'd like to see an improvement in the animation for a fielder camped under a fly ball (I don't like the shoulder shrug).

I'd like a batting practice / field practice option. I would love to be able to practice turning the double play. I'd like to practice the bunt / drag bunt.

This game is almost there! Keep at it. My buddies and I were pleasantly surprised by this year's offering. We bought the game for $20 on sale and enthusiastically look forward to 2k9 which we will buy on release day!

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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

The dev team needs to focus on the sim style gamer. Accordingly, they need to watch as much baseball as possible to familiarize themselves with the real game of baseball. Sometimes I get the feeling the dev's have no clue of what a real game looks and plays like.

That being said, specifically I would like to see:

1) Graphics on par with 2k7, they were gorgeous!

2) Improved ball physics, hits of all variety.

3) Realistic player speeds. Stolen bases, extra bases for speedsters should be a part of the game. Good player ratings should make sense with this feature.

4) Realistic defensive ratings. Top defenders should dive for balls and make great plays, not everyone.

5) Atmosphere. The crowds need to be alive and act appropriately for what happens on the field. Also, the importance of the game should factor in (e.g. pennant race, playoffs).

6) New stats engine. The dev team should simulate the game hundreds of time to make sure realistic stats result. Team ERA's, hitting stats should be believable with some wiggle room for "special seasons".

7) Update Player ratings and change the ratings to numerical values that we can see and adjust if we want to. Trying to adjust players attributes currently is a pain because there are no individual numerical values.

8) Update the stadiums, I have said it before and I'll complain until I see it changed. Dodger stadium's outfield wall is BLUE!!

9) Improved commentary. It's really stale now. It should reflect what is going on in your season.

10) Smooth out the game. When replays run, I'm constantly afraid the game is going to lock up or crash. It is really clunky and jerky, which shouldn't happen in a next gen game imo.

11) Give us options for hitting. Cursor, timing only, aiming with left stick. There are a lot of preferred methods by gamers, so give us options.

12) Make lower levels for arcade players (rookie) and higher levels for sim players so we don't have to spend weeks on end looking for a good slider set.

Thanks for listening
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

Originally Posted by Flaxseed Oil
2K7 was awesome, graphically. 2K8 took a step backward.

Quit trying to make some new innovative idea with the controls every year, like the pitching this year. Instead, go back to basics with the control and have them work really well.

MVP Baseball 2005 was the best baseball game ever created. Look at that for a reference.
Don't make the same mistake the NHL2K developers did!!! Don't take out total control pitching, it saved the game for me (and for others I think). Instead offer a variety of schemes from the basic to the more advanced. Then implement zone hitting. A way to start bring the fun back to baseball videogames
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Re: The MB K Developers Are Listening

Thank you for this opportunity!

Home-Runs as of late do nothing to inspire!
Please take a look back at 2K3...

Home-Runs in 2K3 were the most exciting ever!
It felt like you really laid into one...
HOME-RUN Perfection!

You could watch the flight of the ball from bat to when it cleared the fences...
"poetry in motion"...

Please offer legendary players plus classic uniforms and classic parks from the get-go...please don't make us jump threw hoops to get all the goodies...
If possible please offer them in Franchise and Season modes...

Please offer a face manipulation tool...

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Re: The MB K Developers Are Listening

Someone break down how the hitting model needs to be changed...Get real specific...These dudes will get the feedback!

I already gave Chase some things to talk about with it but there can be more!
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Old 09-15-2008, 08:42 AM   #16
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Re: The MLB 2K9 Developers Are Listening

1. Bring back zone hitting (True Aim in 2K5 was great), and classic pitching without the pitch icons and targets. Make them an option along with the other batting and pitching interfaces.

2. Bring back control of all teams in season/franchise mode.

3. The gameplay in 2K5 and up was geared towards hitting lots of flyballs and HR's. The gameplay needs to be much less arcade and more sim -- along the lines of 2K4 and its predecessors.
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