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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

Roster control in franchise needs to change

We should be able to export players any time we choose.. why are we made to click a tab and control every team just to make this one thing happen?

No injuries with 30-team control on? Silly

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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

In no particular order:

-- Fix auto base-running. Has been messed up for several years.

-- Return of season mode, with abbreviated seasons (14, 29, 58 games).

-- Have players wear their team uniforms in the All-Star Game.

-- More comprehensive user stats. This is one thing the old 2K series got right. I want to know my hitting and pitching stats (avg., HR, RBI, etc.) and also lefty-righty breakdowns and more.

-- Weekly highlight show in franchise or season mode, a la NFL2k5 and College Hoops 2k8.

-- I'm delighted with the number of uniform options and number of player face scans, but there can always be more.

-- A few more classic parks, including Tiger Stadium, Comiskey Park, Ebbets Field, the Astrodome, Candlestick Park and one or two of the 1970s cookie cutters (Riverfront, Three Rivers).
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

A lot of this is pipe-dreamy. A lot of this is more realistic. A lot of this is taken from other ideas I have seen on the forum.


- Actually give us all the minor league prospects, at least the Top 100/200. 20 left off some big ones at launch...
- GET RID OF THE STUPID MLBPA RULE!!! Anyone who has played and not retired should be in the game regardless of whether they have a year off.
- More roster slots for generic players in rosters. Sounds silly, but what if we want to completely customize our rosters and trade players to teams we want? We don't want to mess with realism of minor leaguers...
- Add your own CAP audio. Maybe create pronunciation key so we can add our own names for players??
- Create/import uniforms for MLB teams- maybe add image uploader like NBA 2K. Having to create our own logos is pretty tiring/time consuming.
- Team editor for MLB, MiLB (change location, set home ballpark (create ballpark), change manager/coaching staff, edit jersey numbers, pitching rotation (openers?)
- Unite edit player and roster management options
- Allow preference for DH in edit/create player
- Editable career stats
- tradeable single-A players
- release players without switching
- ability to set MLB roster size in play now (25,26,27,etc.)
- ability to play with 40-man rosters in play now
- Create-a-team in play now
- Create-a-ballpark in franchise and play now
- All-time legend teams for all 30 MLB teams. Make a slot like they did with minors. NBA 2K and EA NHL have this. It would be cool if they could make a separate Montreal Expos legends team as well like EA NHL.


Braves 1979 road
Mets 1998 road
Marlins 1997 alternate (black undershirt/pinstripes)
Orioles 1995 home/road
Indians 1995 home/road
1995 Indians alternate (navy blue)
Reds 1999 home
Reds 1999 Home Alternate
Brewers 1982 home/road
Royals 1985 home/road
Giants 1983 road
Cubs 1969 home/road
1988 Dodgers home/road
Mariners 2001 alternate

Also, update the BP/Spring Training ones!!! Make them look more like what they are!!! Some of those could work out as actual alternate uniforms (@Phillies, @Dodgers, @Padres).

And MAKE THE PULLOVER JERSEYS PULLOVER JERSEYS!!!! The buttons (look closely, they're there) take away from the authenticity of the uniform and era!


Olympic Stadium Montreal
Puerto Rico
Little League (Williamsport, PA)
TD Ameritrade Park Omaha

more realistic minor league ballparks

CLASSIC *kinda a pipe dream
Arlington Stadium
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium
Busch Stadium 1966-2005
Baltimore Memorial Stadium
Candlestick Park
Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Comiskey Park 1910-1990
Ebbets Field
Jack Murphy Stadium
Milwaukee County Stadium
RFK Stadium
Riverfront Stadium
Three Rivers Stadium
Tiger Stadium
Veterans Stadium Philadelphia

*also, stop calling them Old Miami, Old Atlanta, etc. and call them what they were. Miami can be Joe Robbie Stadium and Texas can be the Ballpark in Arlington.

- Don't return to favorite team in team selection when switching sides. It's. Annoying.
- Exterior views of stadiums, views of cities.
- Display info in manager section of game when making substitutions (batter's line (x-for-x), stuff like that)
- Allow DH in play now regardless of ballpark
- Add more start times (not just 11a, 1p, 4p, 7p)
- More rain delays
- Bring back the retro mode music and text from 17-19
- More broadcast themes (ESPN, FOX, TBS)
- CPU pitchers should throw more balls
- more starter stamina. sometimes, I played where starters would leave after fifth even if they allowed a single run and leading.
- allow for openers
- add situation mode (like in old MLB 2K games)

- Edit season lengths (50, 60, 82, 154, etc.)
- Expansion
- Create-a-ballpark
- Image uploader for uniforms
- Ability to use throwbacks for created teams instead of making them from scratch (i.e. Montreal Expos)
- create alternate uniforms
- minor league stats in player card
- more than three tradeable players
- import players into existing franchise
- custom draft classes (able to edit, share, download)
- divisional realignment
- rotating interleague schedules
- changable playoff lengths
- opportunities for rule changes in offseason
- team jerseys in All-Star game
- more CPU player movement, DFAs, signings, releases
- position changes in franchise
- hot/cold players page
- attribute updates in franchise mode (see who went up and who went down)
- minor league signings

- change playoff lengths
- change number of playoff teams (12, 14, 16)
- make home-field advantage by seeding, not by previous year's record
- option to set roster sizes (25, 26, 27, 28, 30, etc)
- ALCS MVP, NLCS MVP, World Series MVP presentations

Anything else? Reply please.

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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

More variety with the in-play cameras. Custom fielding and hitting (in play) cams would be huge for me. I love the practice mode and RTTS cam for hitting and a low (almost field level) cam from home plate for defense - particularly ground balls - would be so cool.
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Old 06-20-2020, 02:57 PM   #29
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

I want to see the catcher throw the ball back to the pitcher, and not just when they name the umpires.

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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

More equipment especially elbow guards and shin guards.
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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

Would like an option of eight teams in each league.
Adjustable pant leg just below the knee on down the leg.
Give choices of locations for each franchise without the need to create uniforms. Announce City and team name.
Dress fans appropriately for the different eras you choose.
Match audio and classic stadiums.

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Re: MLB the Show 21 Wishlist

Add in woman and softball mode, I wanna make Sasha Banks play like mike trout.
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