Official NBA 2K21 MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO Wish List

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Official NBA 2K21 MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO Wish List

Hey all, Iím Jeff Schrader, the newest franchise producer here with the yearly wish list thread!

Please feel free to post any of your feature requests for MyGM, MyLEAGUE, or MyLEAGUE Online for NBA 2K21 in this thread.

Like in the past I would appreciate focusing on the feature requests over questions, as I likely wonít have time to respond and itíll make it harder to see everyoneís feature requests and ideas.

The sooner ideas are posted the more likely itíll possible to work things in to our schedule, so please post as much as you like. Iíll be compiling everything in the thread and passing it along to Dave Z and Erick (Simballer.) I look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts and ideas!
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K21 Wish List

More Customization Options to Begin MyLeague
I think most of these are options following rule changes in the offseason, but it would be great if we could choose:
- Whether we want the Finals to be 2-3-2 or 2-2-1-1-1
- Whether we want the All-Star Game to be a draft or East VS Wet
- Whether we want it to be Rookie vs. Sophomore or World Game
- Whether we want the shot clock to reset to :14 or :24 after a rebound

At the beginning of a MyLeague

Dynamic Tendencies and Badges
A 40-year old Stephen Curry and Stephen Curry now should not have the same badges/tendencies, allow those aspects of the game to account for players aging or even hot/cold streaks

Playable G-League
If not, at least improve sim stats, guys should be balling out there, but I think I usually see the scoring leader average around 18 PPG

Expanded Training Camp/Preseason
Let us bring 20 guys into training camp and actually be able to play the whole roster in preseason games before making cuts down to 17 before the season starts

Schedule Logic
After the first season, MyLeague schedules always seem to become random. I've always wanted to see some sort of algorithm implemented that would have the defending champs always playing on opening night/Christmas at home, and the highest rated teams or playoff teams from last year playing on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and event days like XMas/MLK

Lineup Logic
Coaches being able to split minutes correctly, change lineups to begin starting a rookie, or tank, bench starters in a blowout, give players rest days after they clinch a playoff spot etc.

International Tournaments
Have a qualifier for the world World Finals (couldn't think of a better fake name lol) every 2 offseasons. You can pick who coaches the USA team and what players are on the team and then you go through a mini-tournament. Every 4 offseasons you have the World Finals and can do the same thing. Even if this was just text-based and you make the selections, but can't play any games, it would be cool to have for immersion purposes.

Alternate Uniform/Alternate Courts Slots
For those of us that don't want to do full rebrands, allow us to create alternate jerseys for teams and download them from others as well. Maybe even allow us to attach alternate court designs to them if we'd like?

Implementation of International Games
Preseason games in China and Japan, regular season games in London/Mexico City etc.

Improved Summer League
Generate free agents to populate the summer league and limit the league to rookies or players rated lower than 80 overall. With the current system (need to check if it was changed for 2K20), if a player was left unsigned in free agency, they could end up playing Summer League

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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K21 Wish List

●Customization of the number of users we want in league. 16 user lg without cpu would be awesome option.
● Each team playbook be separate and not connected to other users in league.
● A log for edits and stuff that can track Admin's
●Audio on streams

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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K21 Wish List

Better explanation of how Action Points work, or provide a better system. I love the idea, but the system seems broken the way it is now.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K21 Wish List

I would love to see trades between AI teams in MLO, it would make MLO saves feel a lot more real and dynamic.
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K21 Wish List

I love to somehow have the ability to input the desired stat output in the entire league and have the game automatically adjust game sliders to that stat output. For example, if i want 90% 3pt for the entire league, then the game automatically adjusts the game sliders to 90 3pt shooting.
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Speak it into existence
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Re: Official MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO 2K21 Wish List

Thanks for starting the thread, Jeff. Here's my current Top 10 list

1) Carry-over saves and carry-over Draft Classes - Carry over saves would be amazing and I'd love to see the same thing for Draft Classes/CAP's. Obviously, there are normally improvements in each iteration and the big problem would be getting them to work together. However if we can import a draft class or even just players from one game to the next that would save a lot of time. Even if it was mainly just vitals, and any ratings/tendencies shared between the two games would be awesome. Even if the carry over caps aren't exactly the same appearance wise, just giving the same vitals, body size, hair/eye, color would give us a nice head start.

2) More Free Agent preferences for both Players and Coaches - Iíd love to see Promised Roles (star, starter, 6th-man, rotation player, etc.) during free agency make a return. Free agents should consider things like role, location, team success, future outlook, coach, etc. and it could be different for each player. One of those could add that extra oomph to get a player to consider one team over another. If possible, add a meter so you can see what each player considers but maybe add an option to hide it if someone doesn't want to see it. For coaches things like current roster, long term outlook (considering young players, future draft picks), Financial Security, GM, and location would be ideal.

3) GM Goals for MyLeague - I know my MyGm is it's own thing but Iíd like to see some of those aspects return it MyLeague with it being just text based with the options to accept or refuse kind of like the League Rules. Make it like Madden where you can Goals could be things like Make the Playoffs, add a 1st Round Draft Picks, Cut Salary, stay under the Luxury Tax, things of that nature. Also, have something like job safety rating for each coach and if it gets too low, then they get fired. Of course, since itís MyLeague then you can have the option to not accept the firing.

4) Revamped Injury's - Injury's especially for user teams are practically nonexistent in MyLeague. They really need to be looked at because in players on user teams can play a full 82 games much more often than players do in real life. I think some things that would help be if there were more small injury's for thinks like illness, concussions, etc. I believe adding aseparate Injury Slider for played games versus simmed games would help.Because I very rarely see injuries in played games anymore and I don't want to turn injuries up too high because I control all 30-teams and all of the teams besides mine will get a lot of injuries which gives my team and unfair advantage. Giving us a little more control over injuries through sliders would be a welcomed addition.

5) Dynamic Tendencies and Badges - I'd like to see more players gain/loss these as the progress/regress through their careers.

6) Off-Season Dynamic Free Agent Demands - As the offseason progresses I would like to see some mid-level FA's lower their salary demands and just take one or two year deals that you don't have good FA's left over in the FA pool each season.

7) Improved Lineup Logic (for bad teams) - In-Game lineup logic that pertains to foul trouble and blowouts may be considered gameplay (but I'd love to see that addressed so pass it along if you can ) However, what I'm talking about here is teams that are basically tanking being able to noticed that and give bigger roles to their younger guys late in the season.

8) Bring back playable rookie workouts from last gen- Give us the opportunity to see how a handful of rookies perform on the court before drafting them.

9) Ability to add created uniforms while keeping current uniforms - This one is pretty self explanatory. The way it is right now (or at least the last time I tried this feature) you lost all old uniforms if you rebranded a team. I want to just add new unis while keeping the old ones.

10) Overall cleanup of all current features - This one is probably the most important one to me. There's a couple of things that either aren't working properly or are design decisions that need to be looked at again. My biggest are that the Player Mentor System doesn't seem to work and players who are in the G-League all season tend to get way bigger ratings bumps than players young player who were successful in the NBA. That should be flipped. Also, Player Morale needs to be looked at. It seems to be really changed from 2K19 to 2K20 but it's not a good change. Currently, half the players in the league stay upset most of the time, even if they're on good teams. When in reality (most of the time) only a handful of players get upset to the point of wanting to be moved.

That's all I have for now, but there were be more to come, I'm sure.
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Re: Official NBA 2K21 MyGM / MyLEAGUE / MLO Wish List

Expansion Teams
1. Adding the various pregame presentations just like it does for the Official NBA teams instead of it just going straight into tip off. Showing footage of the actual city like Seattle or sometime could help as well.
2. Maybe giving us more options like choosing a preset of mascots and having the ability to change the colors.
3. More jersey slots
4. Adding the ability to create alternative court designs.
5. Having the commentary talk about how the expansion teams were added(I keep hearing the same line from Doris about how the league will look into adding expansion teams even though it already happened)
6. Championship banners, or maybe give us an option to add different kinds of banners in the arena
7. Have a preset of team names that the announcers can probably say just like the CAP name list.
8. Giving us the ability to uses designs or patterns for the court floor.

Thank you! That should be it for now but if I think of anything else I'll be glad to add more to the list!

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