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Which baseball game are you enjoying the most??

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# 1 kingdevin @ 03/15/05 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Which baseball game are you enjoying the most??
Toss betw MVP and MLB.... Right now I am alternating...
# 2 jetsfever4ever @ 03/15/05 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Which baseball game are you enjoying the most??
# 3 aukevin @ 03/15/05 05:12 PM
MVP Baseball is my choice.
# 4 Jwally @ 03/15/05 06:20 PM
MVP hasn't left my disc tray since I got it when it was released, so I'm going with that .
# 5 Miles_Yuhas @ 03/15/05 07:16 PM
Same. All other games have been banned from being played on the Xbox untill ferther (sp) notice. MVP 05 is the most fun I have ever had playing a sports video game.
# 6 Spear @ 03/15/05 08:29 PM
I voted for MLB 2006 just having an absolute blast with this one, still have MVP and looking to rent MLB 2k5 soon. Great year for baseball games!
# 7 kennyacid @ 03/15/05 09:42 PM
MLB 2006 all the way baby.
# 8 Karlos05 @ 03/15/05 10:31 PM
I voted for MLB 2006
# 9 wertzman44 @ 03/16/05 12:23 AM
MVP Baseball 2005 for me.
# 10 utexas @ 03/16/05 12:35 AM
I am loving MLB2k5, once you adjust the errors by moving the slider for franchise games, it really shines IMHO
# 11 ericjwm @ 03/16/05 01:43 AM
MLB 2006 without a doubt. But MVP is also a very enjoyable game.
# 12 Medway @ 03/16/05 02:05 AM
MLB was supposed to be my game this year, waited a while for it. But had a few freezes, not as many as others but enough to sway me to look at MVP. Glad I did as I'm having a blast with MVP, turning into one of my favorite sports games ever. MLB deffinatly has some very nice stuff going on for it but overall it just didn't click with me as much as it did last year (loved it last year even though some of this years problems were there too).

I look forward to MLB next year again though unless EA does something cool to make a valid baseball game then.
# 13 KBomber @ 03/16/05 03:53 PM
I really like both. I wish that MVP was designed with the Xbox in mind. TO me the graphics are the biggest drawback in the game and, is it me, or have the ambient sounds taken a step back on this title?

MLB 2K5 is a more frustrating product to learn, although I think I need to tone down my difficulty level until I get a better grasp of how the CPU is pitching me. I'm striking out more than a straight guy at a lesbian bar right now. Graphically the two games don't compare with 2K5 having a big edge

I should note that I'm not an avid baseball gamer, I just like the sport so some of the nuances may be lost on me

Have fun...........
# 14 BatsareBugs @ 03/16/05 07:33 PM
MLB, since it's the only one I've played so far.
# 15 voodoo_magic @ 03/17/05 01:57 AM
I've tried both and If MVP had the animations and batter walkup/stances of MLB 06 it would be near perfect.
# 16 whosgotcha @ 03/17/05 07:19 PM
I started out enjoying MLB 2K5 but after playing MVP 2005 I really started to notice the deatil in the game with the varied hits, games and smooth animations that really make you feel like you are in complete control of the player. I love the ability to play the minor league teams which have a different feel to them. I have not played MLB 2006. So right now its MVP 2005.
# 17 dubuque @ 03/18/05 09:02 PM
i hate to say it because ive been a mvp fan for 3 years but i am liking mlb 2006 that game is so much more realistic than mvp 05
# 18 t3g @ 03/20/05 03:33 AM
I am trying to get into baseball games after being big into football and basketball for many years. I actually got MLB 2K5 for a few reasons:

1.) I really dont like EA after they f*cked over the NFL 2K gamers by getting both the NFL license and ESPN. I was never a fan of Madden even though I bought the last two NCAA Football games.

2.) $10 cheaper than MVP... I know its only $10 but I can spend that $10 on something else like lunch.

3.) Online support is better supported in MLB 2K5. Like MVP, it supports online play and all that good stuff, but MLB 2K5 takes it to the extra mile by offering an easy to use league and season system that is available by simply logging in with your .NET Passport (linked via Xbox.com) at http://www.2ksports.com. EA has had a really sketchy online service so far with drops and other errors.

So when it comes down to it all, I am lookin to be more of an online gamer in MLB 2K5 with its nice league and season management and thats why I picked it over MVP Baseball. Here is what they said on IGN:

VC made some big improvements this year over last. For one thing, the game plays considerably smoother on both PS2 and Xbox. This year also sees online leagues and some cool stat-tracking options. Sign up for a league and your box scores and stats are automatically uploaded to a web page so all the world can see your glory. VC has recreated Microsoft's smart XSN Sports network for MLB 2K5. That in itself is quite an awesome feat.

I remain a bit of a skeptic about online baseball games, but if I had to choose one game solely based on online play, MLB 2K5 would be my pick without a doubt. My online experience was great, the game ran very well, and were I not such a cynic, I'd be signing up for a league right now.
# 19 Radja @ 03/21/05 10:45 AM
if you cant find a game you like this year, you are pretty picky. there is something for everyone. 2k5 is very enjoyable after you adjust the sliders and change the default roster.
# 20 Scooter_12 @ 03/21/05 10:00 PM
I've been hooked on MVP since it came out, so I guess I'll go with it.

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