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Welcome to "A Little Off the Top", my virgin voyage into the wonderful world of blogging. Conventional wisdom would say that I need some type of goal or Mission Statement, heck, maybe just some type of direction for my little slice of OS bandwidth. ...{br}{br}View the Entire Article{br}

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# 1 Herbsinator @ 03/30/05 01:45 PM
...Why is it socially acceptable to call a perfect stranger "Big Guy"? This is the only physical characteristic that society has deemed it OK to name someone after. You never hear, "Hey, Limpy" or "What's happening, Lazy Eye?" Don't the "Big and Tall" folks deserve the same respect that you would give your average cross-eyed gimp...

Well done. I look forward to reading your entries in the future.
# 2 Acid @ 03/30/05 01:48 PM

Bravo, Clay! Very well done, humor and it was all true. Especially Billy Packer and the Jaws of Life. :y4:

...Why does 45 degrees feel so good in March and nearly unbearable in October...
I wouldn't know..it's 60+ all the time here.
# 3 Herbsinator @ 03/30/05 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by Acid
I wouldn't know..it's 60+ all the time here.
You suck.
# 4 NYJets @ 03/30/05 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by Acid
I wouldn't know..it's 60+ all the time here.
It's 59 here in Connecticut now I've been outside in shorts. Just last week it snowed.

Anyway, good job Clay, I liked it.
# 5 mgoblue @ 03/30/05 02:14 PM
Great job Clay, I'm impressed and entertained
# 6 Steve_OS @ 03/30/05 05:25 PM
Funny stuff bro...
# 7 heelsman22 @ 03/30/05 06:41 PM
...If Mike Ksdjuritoyoakshfski...ummm...Coach K...stopped really fast, you'd need the "Jaws of Life" to extract Billy Packer...

So true Clay. Good job man.
# 8 RustedWalleye @ 03/30/05 09:12 PM
Awesome Clay.
# 9 cooldude @ 03/30/05 10:32 PM
Nice stuff Clay.
# 10 vinny @ 03/31/05 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by Clay
...Mike Vick. To borrow from some classic David Spade, I liked it better when I saw it the first time...when it was called Randall Cunningham. Check the numbers and the highlight reels, kids. Randall did it first, he did it consistently, and he did it in an era where Quarterbacks were far less protected. One win at Lambeau does not a God make...
So true. Funny and good stuff Clay!
# 11 Brandwin @ 04/03/05 12:04 PM
I love it Clay...

...I think the children of today's 17-25 year old pierced and tattooed Moms will be the angriest generation that this country has ever seen. Can you imagine breast-feeding after a nipple piercing? I know how ticked off I get when I get a cracked straw at McDonald's...
LOL! I hate getting those cracked straws as well, it sends me into a rage! I also hate sucking nipples with the rings in them , espc when there is hair on the nipple too.

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