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We have just posted some more MVP 06 NCAA Baseball screenshots. We've also included a movie clip and a small interview with Ben Brinkman.
"We captured a bunch of new animations this year that exemplify the intensity and hustle of the NCAA game. The pro game is more of a 162 game grind where often times players jog or “lollygag” around the field. In NCAA Baseball the kids play like every game could be their last. It’s a beautiful thing really if you are tired of seeing guys like Manny Ramirez jog on any ball his hits, or stand for 5 seconds admiring his home run. There is none of that in NCAA Baseball. I know it sounds lame, but we’ve been calling “the ping before the bling”, referencing the aluminum bat of the college game."

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# 1 Husker_OS @ 11/10/05 11:11 PM
Year round recruiting ? Facilities upgrades ? Oh. My. God. This game is gonna be awesome.
# 2 brrmikey @ 11/11/05 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by Samantha
Sure sounds good. I prefer the pros, but MVP has been my game of choice for the past few years, so I'm gonna take a strong look at it.
A girl that likes baseball games ...where have you been all my life Samantha..knowing that, I'm sure someone has already scooped you up

Oh back to the subject..this is going to be a sweet game...can't wait.
# 3 Shaver @ 11/11/05 04:47 PM
# 4 Heelfan71 @ 11/11/05 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by Samantha
hehe....somehow, still single....well, in my eyes I still am.

don't worry, you will find the right guy eventually.
# 5 poster @ 11/11/05 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by Heelfan71
don't worry, you will find the right guy eventually
# 6 elicoleman @ 11/14/05 01:55 PM
This game is going to be sweet.

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