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We have arranged an interview with the Producer of Forza Motorsport 2. If you have a question for the Producer, feel free to post it here. Once we get enough questions, I'll let you know.


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# 1 RedRooster @ 07/27/06 07:30 PM
Definately the cockpit view question. Also(sorry if other interviews have answered these?):

1) How many more individual parts and levels are available for customization of the cars? If possible, an order of magnitude compared to Forza 1.
2) Has the XBox 360 allowed complete damage simulation, as in; can hitting a wall at 50mph be completely disabling?

Thanks Steve!
# 2 forensicd @ 07/27/06 08:57 PM
-will there be a hood view as well.
-How many cars will be implemented, and how many different constructors
-how many real life tracks will there be, and how many overall tracks
-Will damage affect the car at all, or will it be all cosmetic
-Will real life physics, such as gravel traps, grass, scraping the wall and so on, affect gameplay and the drivers ability to handle the car in those situations
-Will force feedback be implemented
-Will we see different types of racing, such as rally

Im sure i will be back with more
# 3 garnettrules21 @ 07/27/06 09:12 PM
Explain in detail if possible...photomode....and how it is alike and different from GT4's current style of photomode??

Will there be any unique locations strictly for photomode such as in GT4 (ex... Time Square)??

Pretty excited for this one and I don't even have an 360.

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