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We have just posted our Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"Iíve been golfing for the better part of the last 20 years. I stop short of calling myself a golfer, because what I do on the links is an insult to those who do. Iím a duffer; a hacker at best. My rounds are usually comprised of one or two good shots surrounded by 100-plus bad ones. Not much style, very little technique, and a whole lot of colorful language.
My game is frustrating. After 20 years, Iíve made only marginal improvements. I still lift my head up. I still try to kill the ball when a three-quarter swing would have done the trick. And I still take every hazard in front of me like a challenge to my manhood. However, even with all of those factors, I keep coming back. One nice drive or a good green read that helps me bury a long putt. Heck, a cute beer cart girl will do it. It brings me back round after round and year after year."

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