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We have just posted our Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"Iíll never forget my first experience with paintball. Not the first time I had seen it; that would be in the highly underrated 1985 movie Gotcha!. Not even the first time I had shot a paintball gun. My little brother and I bought $70 K-Mart specials and use to shoot trees and targets in the woods near our house. This was my first experience of shooting at people (with paint!) and them shooting back. And itís one I wonít soon forget.

I was working midnights at a heat-treating factory while going to college full-time and a group of about 20 of decided to give paintball a whirl. We went to this building in Downtown Detroit that looked like a scene straight out of Robocop. Itís was called Splatball City and it was on multiple floors of an old industrial building of some kind. After we got geared up (and sufficiently liquored up) we sat through the instruction being provided by the field marshall. Even before we stepped onto the field, I was starting to understand the strategy involved in the game. It wasnít a simple shoot Ďem up. It was about outsmarting the other team. It was about thinking two moves ahead. It was war.

I was psyched. I was ready to be a soldier. My mind was in the game. I was ready to dominate. He let us out onto the field for our first round with one last instruction, ďFinally, please do not shoot your guns out any of the open or broken windows, our neighbors will shoot back, and it wonít be paint.Ē


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# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 10/31/06 12:42 PM
Good read, seems like it'd be a fun game.

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