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We have just posted our NCAA March Madness 07 review. Find out what Aaron Holbert had to say about it.
"This is one of the more interesting reviews Iíve ever had to write. When writing a review, I try to not to compare two games featuring the same sport, but sometimes itís necessary. This is March Madnessí first year on the next-generation consoles and the competitionís second. Second, itís based off of the new Live 2007 engine, which was one of the most unpopular and disliked gameplay engines in recent history. That said, March Madness 2007 would be an average basketball game even if there wasnít any competition. The presence of the competition just makes the game look worse in comparison.

EA decided to keep the same commentary team it has used for the past few years, Brad Nessler and Dick Vitale. What is strange is how bad Nessler sounds in comparison to his performance in the NCAA Football series. It is clear from the commentary of both Nessler and Vitale that they did not spend much time in the recording booth. At times, they are both repetitive and it is a shame that after almost five years of commentary, this series has not compiled a big enough commentary database to minimize repetition. The majority of player names are not in the commentary voice database. I can understand not including lesser-known players, but how can you justify not having Kevin Durant or Greg Odenís name? On the plus side, March Madness 2007 features some of the best crowd sounds Iíve heard in a basketball game. The crowd really feels like a part of the game, and itís exciting when the crowd roars after a big three-pointer."

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# 1 Tomba @ 02/13/07 02:08 PM
Like it or dislike it recommend it or rent it hate it love it
buy it try it

the game is fun
# 2 thmst30 @ 02/13/07 04:02 PM
For you
# 3 Outkizast @ 02/13/07 04:37 PM
i returned the game 2 days after i bought it... it did a lot of things right... but the gameplay and camera and animations just killed it for me... hard to play after nba 2k7 kicked so much ***...

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