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We have just posted our Tony Hawk's Proving Ground review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"My favorite athletes growing up were never the flashy superstars of the time. I didn’t go for the homerun hitters, the 50 goal scorers or the guys who would go out and grab a triple-double on a regular basis. I wasn’t swayed by batting titles, 4000 passing yards or hat tricks. Sure, they were impressive. It was always nice to have those guys on your side, but they weren’t the ones that I followed. I was always a fan of consistency. I liked the guys who were going to give you everything they had, every time they took their field of play. The guy that would hit .285 with 10 homers and 60 RBIs while putting in 150 plus games. That player who would chip in seven or eight goals every year while playing the tough minutes killing penalties, blocking shots and throwing his body around and in harm’s way. That offensive lineman who never missed a snap, the third guard in your rotation who’d come in for a quick burst of offense, or that middle reliever who didn’t care that there was nothing sexy about pitching the 6th inning. I always respected those guys who just came in and did it time after time after time."

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# 1 aukevin @ 11/13/07 01:35 PM
Nice review Clay. I haven't given THPG a shot yet just because I played Skate for so long, but it's good to see a favorable review of it. I thought having the three different viewpoints could provide a little more freshness to the game.

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