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NCAA Football 09 Videos
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# 1 drlw322 @ 04/16/08 02:22 PM
i'm officially excited, i was trying to hold it back. after seeing that man what can i say
# 2 ronaldc33 @ 04/16/08 02:26 PM
yeah im officially pumped as well. sign me up. but y did they have to show an Auburn player dropping the ball. and am i trippin or is that mascot celebrating with the wrong team at the end?

oh and i love how the routes are shaking on the field with HFA.
# 3 chance @ 04/16/08 02:27 PM
Ok I can't lie that looked really good and its about time they brought all that old stuff back.
# 4 LilLowe @ 04/16/08 02:27 PM
ok, so i kinda want this game right now
# 5 mesyes25 @ 04/16/08 02:33 PM
that does it for me fellas...off to gamestop to reserve!!! peace!!
# 6 drlw322 @ 04/16/08 02:40 PM
pasta padre also posted a screen of a clear visor
# 7 chance @ 04/16/08 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by drlw322
pasta padre also posted a screen of a clear visor
yea one of the players had on one in the vid. BOUT TIME
# 8 noplace @ 04/16/08 02:45 PM
Was this choppy to anyone other than me?
# 9 Vadiplomat04 @ 04/16/08 02:46 PM
[quote=noplace;2038295555]Was this choppy to anyone other than me?[/if you watch it in HD then its a little choppy....but if you watch it in SD then its smooth.
# 10 noplace @ 04/16/08 02:52 PM
Ok that was a dope trailer. Still want to see the OL/DL interaction, real pockets etc. The player models look alot better & the over grown shoulder pads have been toned down.
# 11 AuburnAlumni @ 04/16/08 02:54 PM
I was already going to buy it on Day one.

I'll still be buying it Day one...or sooner.
# 12 therizing02 @ 04/16/08 02:58 PM
Wait a minute...did I see a referee calling a personal foul!?!?!?!?

Still 3 months away. Geez!
# 13 bgeno @ 04/16/08 03:00 PM
Oh EA, why must you taunt me like this when we're still months away from release?

Time for me to go into WAY overexcited mode for the next 3 months... damnit... every year.
# 14 Mikey16 @ 04/16/08 03:01 PM
That was a very good trailer...the game looks good so far
# 15 coogrfan @ 04/16/08 03:03 PM
# 16 bgeno @ 04/16/08 03:03 PM
Seems likey they came up with a new way to get more audible in. Using the right stick it looks like you can choose short pass, long pass, run, or PA Pass... hopefully there's another 5 audibles inside each of those.
# 17 coogrfan @ 04/16/08 03:08 PM
About the only thing in the clip I wasn't thrilled with was the fact that it appears that roster sharing via the EA Locker might be limited to people on your friends list.
# 18 Spectre @ 04/16/08 03:10 PM

Some of the animations still look awful- like stewaat said, the jukes look terrible. The WR catching animations need a serious overhaul. Stadiums look nice though

I'm gonna hold off on this until I get feedback from OSers- I passed on 08 (first NCAA I ever passed on since 98) and it suddenly doesn't seem that hard to pass on this game.
# 19 bad_philanthropy @ 04/16/08 03:16 PM
I always buy the game and the trailers always look good. I enjoyed last years game a lot, despite its flaws and played the heck out of it. Really looks like some of the criticisms have been addressed. So begins the buildup phase of the annual NCAA Football release.
# 20 AuburnAlumni @ 04/16/08 03:17 PM
I love the Online Dynasty set up.

It looks like each player can do all of their duties at anytime...in other words...you don't have to wait til ALL the players have done recruiting to play your game that week. Very convenient.

So if you are doing a dynasty with someone who has a different work schedule, etc. you can go ahead and recruit, play your game, etc. then they can do theirs later without holding anything up that week.

Very excited!

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