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Unfortunately a lot of companies these days take it upon themselves to lock certain websites from being viewed on employee computers. It seems that OS has made its way onto a number of these lists meaning that our normal domain name (operationsports.com) is often inaccessible from work place computers.

Many of you already know this, but for those who are at home now and wondering if you'll ever get to spend your day browsing OS from your work PC the good news is that we have set up a dedicated domain just for you. Next time you're at work and looking for an OS fix type in www.osatwork.com and unless your corporate tech department is a part of the OS Haters Club you'll be able to access OS from work.

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# 1 kennytomson @ 05/29/08 06:46 PM
i can't access the forums or video/screen shots from this domain, so all i'm left with is a bunch of links that access other sites that i can't open behind the work firewall.
# 2 HustlinOwl @ 05/29/08 07:08 PM
# 3 JBH3 @ 05/30/08 08:43 AM

What do I do if this happens again...

A few weeks ago here at work I was moving through OS, and next thing I know this "Web Sense" screen comes up which stated something to the effect that "It is against my companies internet policy to allow access to websites w/ the words forums, message boards, and video games".

For the next 2 to 3 hours I could only seem to get access to ESPN or CNN. All the sites I would visit were blocked. Then nearing close of business I was able to get into OS, and haven't had any problems since.

I tried using a proxy server and the same message came up for that.

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