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Late post, busy day at work. Typical Monday right?

Passed my MSF over the weekend, only 6 of 11 in my class passed. It was harder than I thought.

Yard work as I had time and watched the C's beat the Lakers. Other than that, didn't have time for much else.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend?
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# 1 Scott @ 06/09/08 09:08 AM
QOTD: Good weekend, made some money from the yard sale and went to a Rangers game with my dad on Sunday..We even beat Tampa Bay
# 2 Behindshadows @ 06/09/08 09:35 AM
QOTD - Weekend was cool, my Lakers lost, but who cares. I got to spend time with my only last living grand parent Sat and Sun...so that justified my reasons for being happy.
# 3 callmetaternuts @ 06/09/08 10:08 AM
QOTD: Weekend was decent. Not too much going on outside of the wedding planning. Felt a little under weather, so i just rested.
# 4 fishepa @ 06/09/08 10:10 AM
QOTD: My sister in law got married, the wedding was huge, and so was the reception. Drank way too many drinks and cut quite a rug out on the dancefloor.
# 5 Trick_ @ 06/09/08 04:53 PM
broke my wrist playin ball like i was sponsored by Nike lol. actually not broken, worse torn ligament and and ripped tendon
# 6 boomhauertjs @ 06/10/08 07:35 AM
Had a migraine yesterday. Went into work to give a presentation and then went home and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

QOTD: Fun, but exhausting weekend. We had Mom's Weekend with my wife's mom, aunt, and cousins and my mom.

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