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PSX Extreme has posted their preview of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

"A monster truck class will be made available to MotorStorm 2, in addition to the existing classes of ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, mudpluggers, and big rigs. Racing the A.I., no matter which class you're a part of, will require skill and a bit of fury, as their artificial intelligence has been tweaked. The A.I. will now react to the situation of the race, by rationally choosing the best route, and adjusting their level of aggression based on the gamer's advances. For example, if an A.I. player is in the lead, it is far less likely to take a daring time-saving route and will instead play it safe to maintain the lead. Aggression will come into play when the A.I. feels threatened, and they will not hold back when it comes down to start playing bumper cars."

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