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Work flew by so fast because I was freakin' busy all day, well, except at the end of the work day. I could already see that tomorrow is going to be fun. Have to cover a section since that person is going on a vacation for one day and there is no backup, vacant position! Ugh!

My Fourth of July went pretty well. Saw the fireworks display right down at the bay, just a short hop to the bay. Then of course went to the bar. Heh!
  • QOTN: How was the rest of your weekend? (Besides the Fourth of July)

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# 1 Scott @ 07/07/08 10:29 PM
Sweet now I can listen to XM on the iPhone when I get it on Friday.

QOTN: Weekend was good...can't complain.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 07/07/08 10:31 PM
Pisses me off I have to wait for my VZ contract to end before picking up my iPhone.
# 3 rumfinator @ 07/07/08 11:59 PM
QOTN: Continued to get my families new house ready for us to move in....it is really dirty.
# 4 McLite @ 07/08/08 04:36 AM
Great weekend...off Saturday/Sun/Mon...and today. I love 4-day work weeks + 1 vacation day!

Only bummer was I spent $500 today. Had to re-register my truck, get fit for my tux at my buddies wedding, and buy a new pair of boots at work...got some nice 5.11's.
# 5 DC @ 07/08/08 06:52 AM
Good link with the 30 dates ideas. Don't spend all this $ on these females Cheap and simple yet effective is the goal

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