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Shacknews has the scoop.

"Following last year's closure of Fight Night and Def Jam developer EA Chicago, 27 veterans of the once-dissolved team have reformed as independent studio Robomodo.

A "good chunk" of those 27 team members hail from the portion of EA Chicago that developed Fight Night Round 3, Robomodo president and unannounced game director Josh Tsui revealed to Gamasutra."

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# 1 SHAKYR @ 09/30/08 05:04 PM
I hope they make a boxing game to rival Fight Night Round 4. Competition brings better games,especially if the game is worthy competition.
# 2 allBthere @ 09/30/08 07:40 PM
very interesting. I'm wondering when they formed since if it was recent, any game they make would be quite a ways away from being released, and wouldn't compete for sales w/ fight night.

"high profile extreme sports title" - I don't know what to make of that, except that I would guess it's not a 'boxing sim'. Extreme could mean 'arcade, or larger than life' , or it could literally mean extreme sports like sky diving or extreme skiing etc.. you can come up w/ your own examples.

This brings up a question - Is MMA considered an 'extreme sport'?

Hard to say, I myself would say No but I'm not the one who made that statement about the new game.
# 3 Complex @ 09/30/08 09:05 PM
They need to get a site up and take our thoughts in the other thread and make a game.

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