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Gamespy has posted their preview of NBA 2K9.

"Living Rosters might be something that adapts throughout the season however, since the Insider will have his own blog and will respond to user feedback. Since the NBA's regular season doesn't start until November it's impossible to test any online updating feature based on real-life player performance, so obviously we weren't able to see Living Rosters in action."

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# 1 Rockafella2x @ 09/30/08 11:34 PM
dang speaking about online play I wonder if we can edit players in online leagues as signature stuff or accessories
# 2 qnzballa5 @ 09/30/08 11:40 PM
we should be able to request some animations from pre season play which starts next week
# 3 kozmikr @ 09/30/08 11:45 PM
Did these idiots just compare the Lakers to NBA Live?
# 4 bowdown2shadi @ 09/30/08 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by kozmikr
Did these idiots just compare the Lakers to NBA Live?
# 5 Salhus @ 09/30/08 11:57 PM
No new info at all. But, quality preview.
# 6 tbabyy924 @ 10/01/08 03:35 AM
"Other new online features include five-on-five online play for the Xbox 360"

Huh?? For the Xbox 360 only? This must be a mistake.
# 7 kenzil @ 10/01/08 09:09 AM
"while Cheryl Smith replaces Craig Sager as the sideline reporter."

Really? Cheryl Smith? Is she related to Kenny Smith? Because I thuought the game had Cheryl Miller the sister of Reggie Miller. Oh well what do I know...
# 8 young cash @ 10/01/08 11:03 AM
the next time you put out a 2k video could you please show off dribble packages and dunks please.thanks for the video's every day it has really kept me going i love this game.
# 9 laker8la @ 10/01/08 11:40 AM
This was a horrible preview I thought. I guess I am spoiled by the reviews I get from the OS staff, but this review said very little about the meat and potatoes of the game. They mentioned all the features, but they hardly talked at all about the gameplay. Signature style, responsive controls, speed of the game, the way it feels and plays, tendencies, blah blah blah. They talked about none of this, and if I had never played the 2k series I wouldn't have gotten any information out of this review to help warrant a purchase. Luckliy I know the game plays great thanks to Steve and Pared, and so forth. Where do they get these guys to review/preview their sports games?

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