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IGN has posted a Skate 2 blog titled, Sucktastically Nugget-Free.

"Slaved late into the night on another worthless blog, only to forget to save it to my trusty memory stick. (I get the irony...) That means you're getting this hunk of junk today. But I guess it won't be much different than any other sucktastic blog I do.

I Learned How To Use Email...
...well at least receive it. (Elect me president, I'm more qualified now than at least one of the candidates.) My man allucanEAtsushi, aka Ronnie "Segway Master" Yatco, clued me into a bunch of emails people had sent me. Seeing as most were asking for details or pleading for features, I figured I'd answer a few. I'll run my typical disclaimer, though. I suck. I lie. Take everything with a grain of pepper. Oh yeah, I'm going to change some names to protect the innocent and also take things completely out of context, because it's just easier that way."

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