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Edge has posted their Skate 2 Build Your Own Park article.

"Fine game though it was, Skate did a rather cruel thing. It held out the promise of exploring a sprawling city, but then fixed you to four small wheels easily thwarted by stairwells and steep inclines. Skate 2, blessedly, allows you to step off your skateboard Ė you can even leave it behind Ė allowing you to clamber all over the city of New San Vanelona.

However, conquering a flight of steps isnít the only reason to get off your board. This time you are able to grab nearly every object that isnít nailed down and tug it around, constructing new lines and obstacle courses out of piled-up park benches, skips and bins. The AI skaters who populate the city are suitably smarter, recognising and avoiding obstructions, or incorporating them into their own tricks."

Game: Skate 2Reader Score: 8/10 - Vote Now
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