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    "One of the first games we played was Trick, which is similar to Horse in basketball. Each of us took turns calling out a trick, and as long as we were able to land it, the next person would have to do the same. If you fail, you'll earn a letter until you spell "trick," and then you're out. This is an amusing mode to watch because you get a nice view of each person's attempt--and subsequent failure."
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# 1 lnin0 @ 01/04/09 01:46 PM
Why isn't it on the "Upcoming Releases" page. It comes out Jan 20.

I am really looking forward to this title. This is the spiratual successor to Amped 2 - my favorite boarding game ever. Both titles even have the same producer: Peter Anthony Chiodo.

Yeah, it probably won't be as polished as Skate 2 considering the size difference between the two publishers but if Stoked even comes close to a mash up of Amped 2 and Skate on the 360 then I will be more than happy with the $40 purchase. Variable weather, open world boarding, analog controls, definable styles, rider customization and seamless online multiplayer is a solid first offering from any publisher let alone a tiny studio like Bongfish and small publisher like Destineer.

New updated hands on and new HD vids up at IGN.


Although I don't know how much stock I would put into the words of a guy who said this,

"missing is the ability to add personality to your boarder. Shaun White at least allowed you to toss snowballs at other riders"

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