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GamersReports have posted a rumor that NHL 10 will not be available for the PC or PS2.

If rumor becomes fact, how do you feel about this decision?

"A post on the Hockey Downloads forum has indicated that NHL 10 is not going to see a release on the PC or PS2 platforms. The decision was made due to "economic pressures," apparently. Poster Drezz, who has been in touch with Ryan Nichols at EA (he says), writes "I regret to inform all of you that I was notified on Monday that NHL10 will NOT be produced for the PC/PS2. As of now, the division in charge of putting out hockey games for those platforms have been reassigned to work on the console versions (Xbox 360 and PS3). Due to economic concerns, the separate PC version wasn't worth putting manpower into..."

Thanks Jonah!

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# 1 Flyermania @ 03/18/09 09:57 PM
For me, it only makes sense. The PC/PS2 version has been basically NHL 2005 with a few minor changes every year --- the graphics, gameplay, and atmpsphere has pretty much stayed the same. The addons are the only thing that has kept the PC version afloat for a very long time.

The console versions are where the audience and money are, so from a business standpoint this move has been written on the wall for a while IMO.
# 2 CarryTheWeight @ 03/18/09 10:18 PM
It doesn't surprise me. The PC and PS2 versions have been relatively untouched (with a few minor exceptions here and there) since NHL 07 came out for next-gen consoles. Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson's commentary is still there, apparently unchanged since NHL 06. It's a shame, really.
# 3 tj1182 @ 03/19/09 09:47 AM
For some reason, all of EA's sports titles were never updated.. Madden and the NBA Live series were the same game every year since 03 on the PC. I really wonder why that is?
# 4 Peter_OS @ 03/19/09 12:06 PM
The reason why it's gone downhill since then, is because EA has ported the last gen version of their games onto the PC. Hopefully EA will take note from 2K and port their current gen games on the PC next year.
# 5 matt8204 @ 03/19/09 12:10 PM
It doesn't really affect me since I've moved on to PS3, but I feel for those who still have PS2's or play on the PC. They could do so much more with the PC version in particular. Look at all the effort that's put into mods created by members of the user community.
# 6 Inhocmark @ 03/19/09 12:50 PM
PC versions of all EA Sports games have (sadly) been crap for years.

Thankfully nobody is going to waste their money on inferior versions again.
# 7 RunN1st @ 03/19/09 05:07 PM
Boy, am I lucky. I almost purchased the PC version last night over the 360 version.

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