Punch-Out!! Wii News Post

1up has posted their preview of Punch Out!!.

"But Punch-Out!!'s update is more than just a slick visual and control overhaul. The "voices" in the original were indistinct MIDI files, but now Glass Joe speaks in his native French, Von Kaiser yells German taunts, and King Hippo grunts...in whatever language it is he speaks. To add to the ridiculousness, the foreign dialogue spoken between rounds features no subtitles. Hardcore fans will no doubt be trading translations shortly after the game is released. But Punch-Out!! isn't all grizzled series veterans; I also got to square off against the only new character revealed so far. With moves reminiscent of Cousin Carlton, the Disco Kid is a flamboyant dancer who uses his awkward timing as a distraction. The other characters were almost identical to their NES predecessors (in fighting style) making them pushovers in the ring, but the Disco Kid, with his new, difficult to predict moves, was more of a challenge."

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