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IGN has posted their hands-on impressions of GT5 Prologue and MotorStorm in 3D.

"At this year's CES, Sony showed off footage of a few PS3 games running in 3D. That is, they utilized 3D glasses so that the visuals appeared to pop out of the screen and right at your nose. At that show, the demo was prerecorded footage. At this year's GDC, however, Sony was showing both MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in 3D, but this time they were playable.

Sony isn't saying how it works, whether it'll come home to us in any fashion or anything of this sort. However, I can tell you that the glasses were passive, meaning that they weren't powered like Nvidia's current active solution, which means that it was the TV doing the display work while the games themselves must have been rendering the 3D view. So, if this becomes available to us, it likely means that you'll need a new TV. But again, official details here are being kept under wraps."

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