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ESPN Videogames have posted a Madden NFL 10 article, predicting who the cover athlete wil be. Who would you like to see on the cover?

"Ever since EA Sports started putting players on game covers, I've had a somewhat bizarre obsession with finding out exactly who will be next to trade a six-figure contract for the most potent and career-threatening curse this side of the Billy Goat.

Throughout the season, I even look at still photos and highlights and think what certain players will look like on the box.

The strange thing is, I have no idea why I care. I mean, does anyone really buy a game because of who is on the cover?"

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# 1 ScoobySnax @ 03/31/09 03:41 PM
I'm not a Steelers fan, but he is definitely worthy!
# 2 tyler289 @ 03/31/09 03:42 PM
I hope it's not Troy.
# 3 nuckles2k2 @ 03/31/09 03:42 PM

and that would be terrible if you believe in the Madden curse...
# 4 polamalu82 @ 03/31/09 03:45 PM
I doubt Polamalu will be on the cover(the burgh don't need the curse). I'm thinking Peterson also.
# 5 blackngoldfan @ 03/31/09 03:54 PM
Nooooooooooo!!! Let it be Ed Reed. Lol
# 6 adembroski @ 03/31/09 04:42 PM
My money's on Adrian Peterson, but I think it should be Brandon Jacobs.
# 7 djordan @ 03/31/09 05:06 PM
I doubt its a player this year.
# 8 mKoz26 @ 03/31/09 05:15 PM
Michael Vick. Year of the comeback. He starts on top. Then goes to jail. Then he gets on it again! Yeah!

P.S. I hope they put Rex Grossman on it. He can't get any worse, so the curse would die. Then we put a real player on it! Like Michael Vick!
# 9 mKoz26 @ 03/31/09 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by djordan
I doubt its a player this year.
Maybe one of Vick's dogs instead? No. That's just mean. Michael Vick references over.
# 10 sportzbro @ 03/31/09 05:31 PM
god I must admit they are great at marketing and getting that buzz going..props EA.

looks like it will be August 14th as well..if thats new

EDIT: not talking about the Collinsworth/Hammond vids though.. just the overall site
# 11 adembroski @ 03/31/09 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by kcxiv
why Jacobs? He's a pretty decent running back, but he's not a superstar.
"Fight for Every Yard"... he's the premier power back in the NFL right now.
# 12 Cusefan @ 03/31/09 06:30 PM
Ed Reed has my vote.
# 13 sportzbro @ 03/31/09 06:34 PM
Jacobs or Peterson, unless they throw a curve ball candidate in there toward the draft.
# 14 lightning_78 @ 03/31/09 06:40 PM
Larry Fitzgerald.

He always fights for that extra yard or two after the catch and is one of the most physically tough and talented players in the league. Not to mention his stock and popularity soared after his record-breaking playoffs.
# 15 CLEAR17 @ 03/31/09 06:46 PM
Adrian Peterson gets my vote
# 16 SouthernBrick @ 03/31/09 06:53 PM
I think there's a good chance it could be Adrian peterson or Larry fitzgerald.

Me personally would like to see larry on the cover

Not a big Romo fan
# 17 LBzrule @ 03/31/09 07:01 PM
Stay away from Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.
# 18 patriotnut20 @ 03/31/09 07:19 PM
Man they should put fitzgerald even though they never got the superbowl....he played his best game ever in the post season
# 19 Avii @ 03/31/09 07:59 PM
James Harrison!
# 20 Big_Mig_11 @ 03/31/09 08:02 PM
Im going with Big Ben. Tho they would probably really live up the slogan and a QB doesnt exactly fit the mold. I guess Im saying it should be Ben because he literally DOES fight for every yard. Cant tell you how many times Ive seen the guy break twoulda been sacks and scramble around the pocket and make an unreal play/throw. And that wiining drive in the Super Bowl didnt hurt either.

And the way things and this game are going, why not put Ian Cummings on the cover....

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