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MLB.com posted an article today which profiles MLB '09: The Show, which talks about the game's features. The spotlight on the front page of MLB.com calls The Show the most realistic game ever.

The 2008 season that landed Pedroia on the cover of the game, which is available exclusively for the PlayStation3, PlayStation2 and PSP systems, was one in which the second-year Boston Red Sox second baseman did a little bit of everything.

Fittingly, the same goes for MLB 09 The Show, which has brought out the bells and whistles once again to continue to improve the gaming experience.

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# 1 adayinthelife @ 04/08/09 12:21 PM
# 2 voltron2010 @ 04/08/09 01:10 PM
Glad to see someone at MLB.com knows what they're talking about!
# 3 michfan16 @ 04/08/09 02:55 PM
# 4 jeagles5 @ 04/08/09 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by 7stringking
It is truly great

Bought a PS3 this week just to play it!
lol Me to I had enough of MLB 2K series i gave them one more year to capture good gameplay and just had enough....this is one of the best baseball games i have played in years and this coming from an XBOX owner since the original day one.
# 5 statum71 @ 04/08/09 07:20 PM

I know 360 is a more popular machine (mostly cause its cheaper), but I wouldn't but without my PS3 thanks to The Show.
# 6 countryboy @ 04/08/09 07:59 PM
# 7 wcrickards @ 04/09/09 07:55 AM
The ironic thing is that MLB is highlighting a game that has largely been made possible because MLB absent-mindedly signed an exclusive deal to allow a different company to make baseball games.

MLB gets into an agreement with 2K Sports.
EA Sports stops production on its popular MVP series.
2K Sports releases lousy baseball game, year after year.
Baseball fans go to The Show for a better game.
The Show, reaping with profits, plows money into its game so it becomes even better.

(Meanwhile, those of us with Xbox's suffer)
# 8 cable guy @ 04/09/09 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by 7stringking
It is truly great

Bought a PS3 this week just to play it!
It is why i bought one last year

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